New Ann Coulter Book ‘Guilty’ of Re-Hashing

New Ann Coulter Book ‘Guilty’ of Re-Hashing
Drudge is reporting that Ann Coulter (whom Brandon Barker reports has suffered a serious injury from which I wish her a speedy recovery) has a new book coming out just in time for Barack Obama’s inauguration. He’s got a preview of the copy from the book’s jacket:

“GUILTY is a much-needed reality check on a Left gone wild,” declares the book’s jacket.

“When it comes to bullying, no one outdoes the Left. Citing case after case, ranging from the hilariously absurd to the shockingly vicious, Coulter dissects so-called victims who are invariably the oppressors. For instance: While B. Hussein Obama piously condemned attacks on candidates’ families, his media and campaign surrogates ripped open the court-sealed divorce records of his two principal opponents in his Senate race in Illinois.”

Is that all Coulter’s got? A lie about Obama (he denounced the use of divorce files in his campaign; it was several media outlets and GOP primary opponents who spearheaded the effort to release them), and the tired old “In the Tank” argument that Mark Halperin just tried to sell?

Mindless Clinton-era bashing is not going to work anymore. The right-wing media is going to need to adapt in order to survive. Dinosaurs like Coulter are going to have some lean years.

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