The Cult of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

The Cult of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

The story of a group calling themselves the “We the People Foundation,” who are questioning the authenticity of Barack Obama’s natural-bornedness, has gotten a lot of attention this week due to their purchase of a full-page ad demanding access to the original birth certificate. On a related note, I am taking out a full-page ad demanding access to Jessica Alba’s sock drawer.

As it happens, my Unusable Signal co-host, Christina Cedeno, is also the proprietor of, a website that has been following this story since the dawn of time. If you have the inclination, you can click here to see the extremely thorough research they’ve done on this issue.

Because of her familiarity with this issue, I asked Christina to weigh in, and she graciously agreed. Here is her take on the issue, followed by my own brief commentary.

An Open Letter to We The People Foundation…and the Cult of the Certificate of Live Birth


With this ad running in the Chicago Tribune “respectfully requesting” that President-Elect Obama release his original birth certificate into the hands of anonymous internet “experts” to verify its authenticity, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at the instantaneous buzz happening throughout the blogosphere. We’re all such suckers for melodramatic climax. And conspirators like “We The People Foundation” chairman Bob Schulz are such suckers for their recognition. After reading this brief Q&A between he and AOL’s Political Machine, one can’t help but start thinking about the bigger picture of this whole state of affairs.

Is this really about upholding The Constitution? Or are these just pious claims made to keep a candidate that these fringe few did not choose out of the White House?

Cue to the many who still rehash these same tired lines about wondering who the “real” Obama is. Cue to the trite talking points about how, if people really knew Obama, they wouldn’t have voted for him. Isn’t that what this all plays to? The fear of the unknown? Who is this man that traveled all across the country, telling stories about his family, gas prices, an unjust war, economic collapse, and selling “hope?”

Isn’t this all about disliking a candidate so much, and going to the ends of the earth to find the dirt to prove that there was valid reason for detest? A reason to scream,” See! Obama really was a big old fraud!” For the few on that mind-numbing journey, I too have an open letter:

How many memoirs does this man need to write about his adolescence, teenage, and college years before it’s believed to be his actual story? How many times does he need to repeat the phrase, “a father from Kenya, a mother from Kansas?” How many times does this man need to tell America what “Barack” means before he’s “known” enough? I’m curious to why it’s taken so long for those like you to “know” Barack Obama. It seems Sarah Palin was deemed “all-American” after a 20 minute speech she gave two weeks after being thrust into the political spotlight. Obama rigorously campaigned all over this nation for 2 years.

Let me ask, have you ever seen any other president’s birth certificate? Any other certifications of birth at all? Bush Sr., W. Bush, Clinton, Carter, etc.. Did anyone ever get a glimpse? Why wasn’t there a crusade against these men to release their information for the world to witness? Where were the “experts” to “examine” their birth certificates? Couldn’t they just as easily have lied?

Why aren’t the words of Hawaiian officials enough? And what’s to say that the experts and officials provided by the “We The People Foundation” would even persuade us, the majority, that they are correct- since by your own accord officials cannot be trusted? Maybe it’s you, the cultists of the COLB that don’t want it to be enough. I mean, let’s provide context, this COLB was a forgery because:

    * Obama was really born in Kenya.
    * His middle name is really Muhammed,
    * His real name is Barry Soetoro.

No? Okay..

    * The borders are wrong. It’s “missing” a seal

No? Okay..

    * It’s really his sister’s.

Suddenly when Obama’s birth announcement was discovered in a Hawaii newspaper (see it here), then:

    * it didn’t matter if the theories were wrong and the certificate wasn’t forged because Obama lost his citizenship when he went to Indonesia!

Where do we draw the line? What comes after this ridiculous theory? What other hoops lie around this bend? These are all notions that you catered to before they were disproved. And now these disproved “experts” want enough credibility to get their hands on the real thing?

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the fact that these theories are mustered up, that people buy into them, or that they get picked up by otherwise legitimate news outlets.

This theory that the entire American Government- even the most extreme right-wing of the political spectrum would never bother to look into/validate Obama’s eligibility, or worse, hide his ineligibility is absolutely absurd. His presidency would go against integral portions of their ideologue. Yet, using the conspirators logic, they were willing to look the other way while Obama and his henchmen went to work on “operation birth cover-up?” And just what exactly would these right-wingers in the upper echelon of the Bush administration gain from that?

Furthermore, to think that the Democratic Party itself would fail to look deeply into the background of a candidate that is running to represent their party is so idiotic that I’m running out of adjectives to describe it! You would think, using again, conspirators logic, that this is the first year of political races in the history of this nation. Would the Democratic Party really risk their “brand” by hiding a secret of this magnitude? Would they really risk losing another election if the “secret” of Obama’s illegitimacy were discovered by anonymous “experts” on the internet that go by the nom de plumes “Polarik” and “Techdude?” I mean, these are the cases you cite, correct? The cases of Philip J. Berg (9-11 truther who touts Obama’s COLB to be his sister’s) and Leo Donofrio, yes, they are.

The very fact that Obama has any certificate of birth online for the entire world to look at is more transparency than any other presidential candidate to date. And to think that people actually believe that the most powerful political figure in the world was fool enough to post a forged Certificate of Live Birth online for the world to look at, when he didn’t have to post anything at all, is laughable.

So from where is this “unknown” label derivative?

You know, I bet it’s because he didn’t repeat his life story to enough crowds in middle America, or because he didn’t put his hand over his heart during the star-spangled banner that one time. I bet it’s because he didn’t wear enough flag pins, or go to the politically correct church. I bet it’s because of his “militant” wife.

Or I bet it’s the fact that some people believe everything they read on the internet. Like stories about whitey tapes, expensive lunches, and fancy rings, where the retractions and corrections are always a few pages behind on google and not nearly as shiny a headline.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for more of these cases to come and go, and I’ll be very happy when we the people can add your cult of the COLB to the ever-growing list of retractions and conspiracies.

Christina Cedeno
Managing Editor

I really can’t improve on that, but I will say that after reading this, I am no longer furious at Barack Obama for being the last remaining obstacle to the publication of my glossy, coffee-table book, The Big Book O’ Presidential Candidates’ Original Birth Certificates…and Draft Cards!, even though I had a hell of a time getting into Area 51 for Kucinich’s.

I encourage you all to check out the research on Christina’s site, as well. “We the People Foundation” aren’t a foundation like the ones who keep PBS on the air, and they aren’t “We the People” like most of the non-tinfoil-wearing citizens of this great nation. They have a right to their own opinion, not to their own facts. They can demand whatever they want from whomever they want, but they have no right to expect compliance.

Tommy Christopher and Christina Cedeno co-host the Thursday edition of “Unusable Signal” , on BlogTalkRadio Tues – Thur at 10pm, and Fri, & Sat at 11pm. Click here for the Unusable Signal homepage.

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