Topless Barack Obama Photos Meant to Ease Rick Warren Sting?

Topless Barack Obama Photos Meant to Ease Rick Warren Sting?

President Elect? More like President Select…Beef, that is!

Some hot new pix of Barack Obama are burning up the web, and showing the world that while we may not have a prime minister, our chief executive certainly is a prime cut of beef.

The pix are available at, which is crashing (probably from all the traffic), but Huffpo has the Full Monty of the sample pictured here.

As a formerly in-shape dude myself, I feel pretty confident in saying that the POTUS-E was totally “Oops! posing” for that shot, and I think I know why.

The President-Elect has taken a lot of heat, lately, from the LGBTQ community and its allies among the decent, for inviting homophobe and Tim-Allen-sidekick-lookalike Rick Warren (we would also accept Future Mark McGwire) to give the inaugural invocation.

This beefy pose is obviously an attempt at reconciliation. How sucessful it is is anyone’s guess. What do you think?%Poll-24251%

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  1. […] of pointing out hypocrisy, and I will be the first to admit it. Often, I’m first in line to blast someone like Rick Warren, with all the glee of a blue-faced […]

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