Six Reasons to Love Dr. Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General

Six Reasons to Love Dr. Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General

With the news today that Barack Obama has offered the job of Surgeon General to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, I thought it might be helpful if I pitched in with some quick bullet points to smooth over any opposition to the pick. Sure, there may be some naysayers, like Michael Moore, but it should be obvious to anyone that Gupta is the right man for this job.

Here are six good things about the pick, in case you’re not convinced:

#6 Two Words: Holographic Colonoscopy – “I’m beaming’s polyps right into this studio!”

#5 No matter how many people die, he can’t be President – The Surgeon General is not in the line of succession, I checked. This should allay any concerns about his lack of political experience. Here’s an interesting fact, though. Come Jan. 20, older-than-dirt’s-father Senator Robert Byrd will be 3rd in line, behind Nancy Pelosi and just ahead of Hillary Clinton.

#4 He’s younger than me – Wait, that’s not good, that sucks.

#3 Four to eight years of needling Biden by bringing him a Slurpee every day – Think of it as a kind of gaffe aversion therapy, although I don’t think Biden needs the brain freeze.

#2 Endless fodder for cheap, easy jokes about television personalities in government – kinda like this one:

#1 Softens public up for Leon Panetta’s replacement as CIA director-designate by Jack Bauer – Not Kiefer Sutherland. Jack Actual Bauer. Obama can do it.

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