Exclusive Joe the Plumber CPAC Video

By exclusive, I mean here and Youtube.

First, here’s a really nice moment where Joe just gives a member of the hotel staff  a signed copy of his book because she tells him her husband loves him.

Here’s some video I shot of Joe shooting a PSA.  The guy asks him to ad-lib the whole thing.  All things considered, I think he did a good job.  Ad-libbing is tough.


Dose Exclusive:Stephen Baldwin and His ******* Buddy at CPAC

Update: At CPAC 2010, McCullough and I buried the hatchet (to his credit, he approached me), so I hereby retract “dickbag.”

Stephen Baldwin, star of the Best Movie Evah, was here signing books, so I thought I’d ask him about Steele’s attack on civil unions.  You know, like I’ve asked everyone else here.  His dickbag buddy, who Captain Ed tells me is Kevin McCullough, starts acting like he thinks he’s Prince’s bodyguard or something.  Look, I like Baldwin, but even if I tried and succeeded at getting him to say something crazy, it ain’t exactly gonna land me a job at Variety.

Baldwin was at least trying to be funny.  Too bad his SWF shut me down, because I really was curious about his position on civil unions.  A lot of Christians are in favor of them, especially as a way to head off gay marriage.

I’ve always liked Baldwin.  I don’t automatically make fun of someone just because they’re a celebrity, or a Christian, or even a little goofy.  He was quirky and funny on the reality show “The Mole,” and hell if I can’t relate to fucking your whole life up with “the urges,” and looking for some kind of salvation.  Plus, again, he’s in the Best Movie Evah!

The CPAC Chicken

Putting on a chicken suit and running around like a dickbag with a giant check and Obama bucks is easy, comedy is hard.  Make it rain!!!

The CPAC Chicken

Are You Really Feeding Me Fucking Arugula at CPAC?

Sad but true.  In a sun-dried tomato wrap with turkey.


Joe the Plumber at CPAC:Does Obama Mean Death to Israel?

I have more Joe video that I’ll put up in a separate post for the Dose only, along with exclusive details, but for now, check this out at AOL:

Joe the Plumber at CPAC:Does Obama Mean Death to Israel?

CPAC Exclusive: John Ziegler/Max Blumenthal Smackdown

This is hella funny.  I cross-posted this at AOL, but the uncut versions, I will put here only.

CPAC Exclusive: John Ziegler/Max Blumenthal TrainwreckI posted spectator video, earlier, of the tail end of an altercation between “Media Malpractice” filmmaker John Ziegler and The Daily Beast’s Max Blumenthal. Immediately afterward, Ziegler came down to Bloggers’ Row to tell us all about it.

Being the fair-minded guy that I am, I immediately set out to track down Blumenthal’s side of the story.

Together, their accounts form a weird, blogtastic version of Rashomon.

I will be posting the unabridged versions of what they said later.

Update:  Here’s Max’s edited video of the confrontation, but I think it’s fairly representative.

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Extreme Makeover: White House Edition

Extreme Makeover: White House Edition

At yesterdays’s White House press briefing, the first question was from a reporter asking if President Obama’s “redecorating” metaphor applied to the White House. Robert Gibbs handled the question well:

Q    A couple budget questions.  I was interested in the language the President used this morning when he talked about the budget.  He said, “There are times when you can afford to redecorate your house, and there are times when you need to focus on rebuilding its foundation.”  Quickly, is there any — should there be any pause taken in those words?  The Obamas have hired a decorator to redecorate the White House.  Do you think that’s appropriate?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, let’s understand that each administration is afforded an appropriation from Congress to ensure that the family that moves in, the needs of that family can be met.

Q    Do they have to?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, I don’t remember the last occupant of the White House having a seven-year-old, and I don’t remember the last occupant having a 10-year-old.  So I would say yes.

It was a nice attempt at a “Gotcha!” These days, there’s no amount of money low enough to sound good in that situation. However, Gibbs countered well with the children.

I’ll be interested to see if the right presses this line of attack, now that the Obama children are involved. My guess is it would be a bad move, especially considering the latest attempt (by the mayor of a tiny town with no party affiliation) to “redecorate” the White House.

Now, if the President starts installing, like, a jacuzzi in every room, that might be a different story. Unless, of course, he also puts one in the briefing room. That’s change we can believe in.

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Got My Feet Wet at CPAC, Diving Into Media Malpractice Screening

I just came from the Omni Shoreham, home of CPAC, where I got to meet Captain Ed for the first ticupme.  Then I had to skedaddle back top get myfrickin’ car before I go to the Ziegler screening.  Hopefully, I’ll have some video of Ziegler later.

I also found my thermal mug, right where I left it, in the press briefing room breakroom.

Broke My White House Cherry Today

Update: Transcript after the jump.

Got to ask my first question.  More on that later, when I get the transcript.  Off to CPAC now to see what I can see.

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Obama Jindal 2012

I was googling “Obama Jindal” to see if the President had commented on Governor Jindal’s response, and the little google search suggestion dropdown suggested “Obama Jindal 2012” at the top of the list.  Ha!  Still laughing.  Stupid machines.