Republicans Really Need to End Love Affair With Jack Bauer

24 jumping the shark is nothing new.  I call their brand of extreme jumpage “Jumping the Fonz.”  No, it hasn’t caught on at all, but fuck it, that just makes me more special.

This past week, though, I had to laugh the fuck out loud when Jack told the freckly hot FBI agent that she had no choice but to threaten a baby.  Threaten a baby!


OK, not no choice:“You’ve got one of two choices: you can either phone the president and explain to her that your conscience won’t allow you to do what is necessary to save him, or you can simply do what is necessary. Pick one!”

Almost as good is when the bleeding-heart FBI chief, whose girlfriend will forever think about Jack while she’s banging him, calls after Jack, “The rules are what make us better.”

Jack: “Not today.”

This is fiction, assholes, and not good fiction.  If your only out is threatening a baby, you’re not thinking hard enough.


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  1. Dersh deals with torture and I remember othrs as well from philosophy. Here is a bit of a spat he had on HuffPo

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