Tim Geithner More Trouble Than Worth He Is?

Think so, do I.

When the whole Geithner tax fiasco first cropped up, it looked like a one-off pain in the ass, and it also seemed like a given that his expertise made the political price worth it.

Now, though, Geithner is the one that got away with it.  I thought so when Nancy Killefer and Tom Daschle had to fall on their swords for less, and Roland Burris kind of seals the deal for me.

Burris, I predict, will have to resign, and the arc of what he tried to do echoes Geithner.  Burris waited until after he had the job to shot himself, and Geithner’s stink has intensified only since his narrow confirmation.

Not only that, the guy was less than impressive in his first at-bat, fouling out to the catcher.

Barack Obama can fix as many busted nods as come his way, but Geithner is the telltale heart, beating louder every time.



  1. Tommy, I’m the first person ever to comment on your blog. Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

  2. test

  3. For the record, which is actually on record, I said no to Geitner before he got in. Also, it’s a problem if the author of an article slips into Yoda mode for the ttitle.

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