Bipartisanship is Delicious!

Remember yesterday, when I was jonesing for some bacon-wrapped bananas?  I jones no more.

I was absolutely right, they are un-be-fucking-lievable!  Now, I realize that my bipartisanship metaphor might be a little thin, but I completely destroyed it with the rest of my dinner.  I made my signature dry-rubbed babyback ribs, and baby brussels sprouts sauteed in chopped bacon.  OMFG!  So good.

Alas, I can hear Caleb now, making verbose comparison of my feast to the stimulus bill.  All I have to say to that is, if loving this pork-laden feast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  In fact, here to honor my dinner, Mister Luther INGRAM!!!



  1. Bacon goes good with anything. Political scientists need to come up with a new word for “pork.” How about, “hummus?” That stuff tastes like shit and that’s what political pork is. Shit. So, from now on, if a bill has excesses in it, I move we call it hummus. Those tree hugging hippies might get pissed, but that’s a bonus. Bacon is good. Pork chops is good.

  2. CUBE!

  3. I second that, but instead of hummus, I vote tofu.

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  5. I vote for falafel.

  6. […] decided to have another bash at bacon-wrapped bananas, but this time, with a twist:  GRILLED bacon-wrapped bananas.  And “Bailout” bacon […]

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