Sarah Palin Says Abstinence ‘Naive’

There’s a line in this story that would make an awesome song parody.  See if you can find it.

Sarah Palin Says Abstinence ‘Naive’

David Knowles brought you Bristol Palin’s thoughts on abstinence yesterday, during her kinda creepy quizzing by Fox News’ Greta Van Sustern. Now, Governor Sarah Palin weighs in on the futility of keepin’ down the urges. As you watch, though, listen to how she throws in nauseating Republican ideology wherever she can. (See Transcript)

I don’t know how well the interview game works with this clip, but give it a try.

Every time I start to have some sort of sympathy for Sarah Palin, she goes and makes me want to barf. Here, she engages in that great Republican pastime of modifying her beliefs to justify her own situation, while continuing to judge others whose experience differs from hers.

First, she insists that Bristol will raise a “contributing member of society.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? If you look at the context of her remarks here, I think she means one that doesn’t need government help. Of course, the “contributing member” requirement only holds until it doesn’t, until Governor Palin’s own lifestory justifies government teat suckleage.

Then, idiot Greta Van Sustern points out that the difference between Bristol and all of the bad teen mommies is that Bristol has lots of…family?!? Really, that’s the difference-maker here? Other teen moms’ families are just heartless and cruel? It has nothing to do with an utter lack of financial resources?

Palin jumps on this with both feet, pointing out that while it’s now OK to get teen pregnant, it’s only OK if you have Bristol’s “support system.” By that, I mean money. Palin doesn’t get that, though, as having enough of everything is just a given to her.

So, if you have a teen pregnancy while surrounded by family who are financially able to drop everything and help out, you’re a “blessed anomaly.” If not, I guess you’re still just a dirty, deadbeat whore.

I will say this, in Palin’s defense: I don’t doubt her sincerity anymore, and I don’t really even doubt her compassion. I think she has as good a heart as anyone, but it is limited to that which she has personally experienced.

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  1. No, you´re right Palin absolutely believes her own bullshit.
    She says two things in a row, you will have a guaranteed contradiction and that wingnut will believe BOTH things she says…which is the really disturbing and mindboggling thing!!!

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