Time Slams Daily Kos

More on this later, I just wanted to get it cross-posted.  I pulled major punchage here about DKos.

Time Slams Daily Kos

See, this is proof that I can be objective.  I can’t stand Daily Kos, but I recognize that most of the reasons for this are personal, and don’t belong in the kind of story I was writing.

A lot of it is the site design, which is fucking depressing, and would it kill them to use a goddam picture in a story from time to time?

The main problem I have, though, is something that spans much of the left-o-sphere.  Their antipathy toward me, by dint of my association with AOL, is really annoying, snobbish, paranoid, and counter-productive.

I’ve tried to enlist their aid in the past, in a variety of situations, only to be rebuffed with snarky paranoia and accusations of self-promotion.  While I’m not above self-promotion in the slightest, the participation I sought wouldn’t have benefitted me personally.  I don’t get paid extra for more clicks or comments.

Basically, Daily Kos is preaching to the choir, whereas my audience at AOL consists of millions of people who haven’t necessarily made up their minds yet.  Fostering a progressive community there could actually do some good.


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