White House: Obama Teleprompter Story Not True

White House: Obama Telepromter Story Not True

After Barack Obama’s first prime-time press conference, there were stories circulating among the right-o-sphere/PUMA-ocracy about Barack Obama’s teleprompter.  The story went, in part, that he used the prompter during the Q&A, not just his opening remarks.  (Not true, you can see on any broadcast that the screens lowered into the floor at that point.)

The other part of the story was that the White House is in the process of installing a video screen into the podium, so the President can get “Cliff notes” during press conferences.  I asked Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton about it today.

He laughed, and said, “Have you seen that anyplace credible, from any credible source?”

That depends on your definition of “credible,” I suppose.  The American Spectator claimed to have hard reporting on the videoscreen story, although anonymously sourced.

Burton went on to say that the story is completely false, there is no, nor will there be, a videoscreen.

Really, the story is a little ridiculous on its face.  The White House is “trying” to install a frickin’ videoscreen?  The kind you can get put in your minivan at any K-Mart?

So, don’t believe everything you read, kids.

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Exclusive: 1/150th of Ebony’s Power 150 Revealed!

Exclusive: 1/150th of Ebony’s Power 150 Revealed!

While I was at the White House today, I befriended April Ryan from American Urban Radio Networks. She was the one sitting in front of me who wouldn’t let Robert Gibbs get away without a follow-up.

After the briefing, I saw April posing for a photo with a gathering of other journalists (also pictured is another new freind, Politico’s Nia-Malika Henderson). Ebony Magazine releases its Power 150 in May, and the African American contingent of the White House Press Corps is on the list. Ebony ‘s Harriett Cole, who is producing the feature, was not at liberty to tell me where on the list they fell. I vote for a pretty high spot, because often, the people asking the questions can make more of a difference than those answering them.

Here’s my own no-frills version of the shot. You’ll have to wait until May to see the frilly one.

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Exclusive: Helen Thomas on Bill O’Reilly and ‘So-Called Terrorists’

Before today’s press briefing, I had a chance to talk to Helen Thomas. I let her know that I gave Bill O’Reilly what for for bashing the legendary White House correspondent. Her comment?

“Bill sent me flowers, and I sent him a note thanking him for the lovely flowers.” she said.

I also asked her a question that a lot of people, including Billdo, wanted to know about. Here’s Helen:

I’m at the EmEffing White House, Baby!

For now, go to AOL, my Twitter won’t post here.

The Takeover Begins

I made RCP’s Best of the Blogs yesterday for my Sebelius story.  No biggie, happens all the time, but I’m especially stoked because I got a good Battlestar Galactica reference in there.  BTW, Caleb, the final cylon is….

Just got to DC.  Be back to you all soon.


Dickbag Limbaugh Thinks Dems are Like Murderers, Rapists, Beheaders

From Media Matters:

Rush, send me that link where someone says the beheading guy was just “diversity,” or Shut the Fuck Up.  Actually, just Shut the Fuck Up.

I also love how Rush disclaims “They (the Dems) must be stopped!” by saying he means within the constitution and the marketplace of ideas.  He may as well be wishing for the ability to breathe underwater.

Shocker of the Clip! His idiot caller agrees with him!

Y’know, Rush is always crying “Wolf!” about the Fairness Doctrine.  What he really ought to worry about is the development of a “Smartness Doctrine.”

Even Whitey Can’t Keep Georgetown Prof From Schooling Pat Buchanan

I love this video, as it totally proves my point from yesterday, about Eric Holder’s remarks.  Just to refresh your mammaries:

It seems like discussions of race are A-OK if you’re talking about getting over it. But see what happens the minute you try to get people to take responsibility for racism. For participating in it, allowing it, or simply failing to recognize it when they see it.

The professor sums it upbrilliantly, whenever the White Man quits fucking with his signal, by saying that when black folks speak honestly about race, it’s called “blaming,” and when white folks do, it’s called “taking responsibility.”  Kinda like in New Orleans, where some people were “looting,” while others were “foraging.”