White House Losing its Erection


Never let it be said that I don’t give good headline.

On my way into yesterday’s White House Press Briefing, I noticed that crews were finally dismantling the reviewing stands that had been built for the inauguration.  They were still intact last week, when I covered the President’s news conference.  I took a picture, with the intent of doing some kind of trite “change happens slowly” post, but then, I saw this on my way out of the White House:


In case you can’t make out the company name, here’s a closer look:


It must be nice to give people quality erections for a living.

As a side note, I’ve noticed a lot of businesses use kinda low expectations in their names, like “quality.”  Are they competing with “Shitty Erectors,” or “Passable Erectors?”

The trend is disturbingly evident in ambulance company names, at least here in NJ.  One of the biggest is “Alert Ambulance.”  If you have to tell me you’re alert, I’m not comfortable with you.  I wasn’t questioning your alertness until you tried to brag about it.

There’s also “Urgent Ambulance.”  Again, is that supposed to impress me?  Would anyone use “When We Get To It Ambulance?”



  1. Looks like the erection has its nutz upside down.

  2. […] I hurried away, I also stopped to take a picture of the White House’s waning erection, and a quick shot of some Gitmo protesters, then was quickly cleared through […]

  3. […] I guess if they actually erect the thing, that’ll be step 4, but since this is for Rush, maybe they should symbolically skip […]

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