Breakin My Rick Roll Cherry

So, I posted a rebuttal to Caleb’s story about Olbermann getting 1 fact wrong, just 1!

Was Olbermann Really Wrong About Kit Bond?

I felt kinda bad, because if that had been me, I would have probably wheezed and grabbed my arm just above the elbow.  Just as I was patting myself on the back this morning, Caleb and I had this exchange, over the AIM:

TommyXtopher (1:28:56 PM): did you see the asshole commenters? (1:29:00 PM): no
TommyXtopher (1:29:20 PM): they don’t think I’m handsome.  Wahhhh!
TommyXtopher (1:30:10 PM): that was my first rickroll! (1:30:56 PM): hey only two years late the craze, WTG!
TommyXtopher (1:31:04 PM): lol
TommyXtopher (1:31:18 PM): talk to the hand!
TommyXtopher (1:31:26 PM): Homey don’t play that! (1:31:31 PM): that was totally hip. Not.
TommyXtopher (1:31:44 PM): Sit on it! (1:32:17 PM): this just went from funny to sad old

That would’ve been funnier if I had said, “What does WTG mean?”

So, yeah, the fucking dickbag trolls over at AOL can never just get a joke.  Man, it stings to get insulted by some fat, smelly douchebag who thinks it’s funny to answer everything his mom shouts down to the basement at him by saying, “It puts the lotion in the basket…”

Actually, that would be a pretty funny quirk to have.  I might start doing it.

While I’m no matinee idol, I do find myself turning down more ass than a retired proctologist these days.  Why?  Game, baby, I got game.  I got so much game, they call me Milton Bradley.  I got so much game, I won 3 Golden Gloves.  At the same time.  I’m flyer than Jeff Goldblum.  I’m so fly, I’m stuck to paper right now.



  1. Vain, much?

  2. Don’t go there!

  3. Hey, I just realized, you said “craze.” You mean like the hula hoop, grandpa?

  4. In your dreams 😉 WTG, Caleb.

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