Megyn Kelly – My New Favorite Fox Anchor

I love a hot girl with a dirty mouth.


  1. I hate Fox, but she’s a foxxxxxx! Wowza. Never see this lil slut on TV before. You know she’s lil ganja puffin bad girl, with that raspy dirty voice of hers. She use to trade dime bags for XXXXjobs and sexy time in the dorms. I bet she smoke dat dank shit through a toilet paper tube with a dryer sheet on the end. i would ‘fauker’ the s out of miss kelly and make her scream “i love obama!!!!!!” Oh, she’s married! Even better.

  2. Don’t I know it 😉

  3. […] Kelly:  Yes, she’s hot, but here’s the real reason she makes my […]

  4. Interesting..

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