Hot Air and Redstate Denounce Bill O’Reilly

Hot Air and Redstate Denounce Bill O’Reilly

Maybe bipartisanship isn’t completely dead, but only mostly dead.

Yesterday, I reported that Fox News television personality Bill O’Reilly had stolen my reporting on Helen Thomas’ explanation of her “so-called terrorists” remark, and aired an uncredited, butchered version of my video clip.

Since then, O’Reilly’s actions have been denounced by both Redstate and Hot Air, two of the most influential conservative sites in the blogosphere. I appeared on Ed Morrisey’s web TV show yesterday, where Ed described O’Reilly’s actions as “small” and “unprofessional.”

To illustrate just how egregious O’Reilly’s thievery was, even Redstate, avowed non-fans of yours truly, had the sense of fairness to call O’Reilly out. From Leon Wolf at Redstate:

Memo to Bill O’Reilly: show a little journalistic integrity and credit your sources. Or at the very least, have the common courtesy not to actively obscure a source who did some original journalism. Bloggers do not rip off stories from the mainstream media and claim them as their own; in fact, not only do we credit our sources, but the commonly accepted practice is to link to the original source material so our readers can evaluate for themselves whether we are characterizing it fairly. I suppose it might be too much to hold you up to blogging standards, but the proper thing to do here would have been to either credit Christopher or at least leave his graphic in place.

If O’Reilly’s thievery results in some healing between the left and the right, I suppose it’s a small price to pay.


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