Exclusive Joe the Plumber CPAC Video

By exclusive, I mean here and Youtube.

First, here’s a really nice moment where Joe just gives a member of the hotel staff  a signed copy of his book because she tells him her husband loves him.

Here’s some video I shot of Joe shooting a PSA.  The guy asks him to ad-lib the whole thing.  All things considered, I think he did a good job.  Ad-libbing is tough.


  1. […] CPAC, I had a chance to interview Joe the Plumber, a guy who I spent months mercilessly trashing. He could not have been nicer, going out of his way […]

  2. […] has become something of a sport on the left to mock Joe the Plumber, but I’ve got to say, after meeting him at CPAC I am no more inclined to listen to word 1 of his political analyses, but I am convinced he’s […]

  3. […] the Plumber is a nice guy, but up until now, he’s contributed little of value to the national political dialog. All […]

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