Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies

It’s Gadjunk, where you can go “Oh, cool!” at things like a batphone.  Similar to The Batphone, without the cakeplate, and you can buy it.

Remember the “dick clips?”  Now, you can get ninja push pins.

The only hitch for Caleb might be the less-than-stellar photo fakery.

He might also like these Family Guy motivational posters that are as stupid as Family Guy.

If you’re worried that you might still accidentally get laid at that Sci-Fi convention, try one of these.

Media Lizzy talks dirty.

Another Radar EXCLUSIVE! About What Shitty Journalists They Are

Radar’s latest is a completely unsourced account about the weak, alleged Ashley Biden cocaine video, this time talking about how the guy who tried to sell it allegedly set the whole thing up.  Not a single source, named or otherwise.

They’re running it on a splash page that chronicles their entire journey through shit journalism.  See, here’s where we went to see a copy (of a copy?  Retouched?) of a tape that some guy was trying to sell.  Here’s where we were not convinced enough to buy it, but happy to pimp it for traffic!  And here’s where the guy’s lawyer told us his client duped us all!  And here’s where we claim the guy duped Ashley, with no sources!  Ahh, good times!

Oh, but we get even worse!  Here, we milk a paragraph from the NY Post with a misleading headline,  and we don’t mention that the charge was dropped!

Radar sucks.  Just ask them.


Today’s Quickies – New and Improved

I’m going to try something different with “Quickies” today.  I’m going to do them in the morning.  Some of these may get fleshed out over at AOL.  It’ll give you a feel for the process.  Maybe I’ll add more as the day progresses, so check back.

Chris Matthews gets all creepy about Palin again.  Ed doesn’t like it.

Fight Obama derangement syndrome.  Ask your doctor if quitting PUMA is right for you.

No more “War on Terror!”  Let the “Skirmish Against Anxiety” begin!

Conservatives are like those sci-fi robots who take everything way too literally.  (Robot voice) “It is illogical.  Neither pots nor kettles posess vocal faculties. ”

This always makes me think “Good morning, Mr. Phelps…”

Be real careful when you write this headline.

Great.  Now we know who to swat with a blue newspaper.

There are pricks, and then there are pricks!

Tim Kaine funds “talk me down from having an abortion” centers, and NARAL is pissed.

New York thinks you suck, too, Rush.

Today’s Quickies and… Dinner

Okay, I’m done posting videos and AOL stuff for the day, and I’m all yours now.

I meant to take a picture of today’s dinner, but I forgot.  I made grilled salmon (with my secret rub) for Diana and Chris, and a ribeye on the bone for me, grilleed corn on the cob, and saloio rolls with a balsamic reduction compound butter.  Unbelievable.

My debunkage of the Ashley Biden tape continues to sizzle, and my AOL story got linked by the LA Times.  I find it disgraceful that this story has spread with so little skepticism or presumption of innocence.  Crap journalism at its crappest.

Anyhoo, here are today’s quickies, with an assist from Moonshines With Deer:

Old, but funny, Shep Smith mocks Glenn Beck.

What does it say about David Knowles that he makes his stand here?

Next time, he ought to have a “Rose Ceremony.”

Me vs. the TelePrompTer.

“…and who wrote this neat-o black book with the gold trim? I see these in, like, every hotel room!”

Well, I think this calls for a to…never mind.

I think Cube knows this guy, or something.

Jake Tapper is a little bit bored on the plane.

From Caleb’s Twitter feed: The truth is out there, and perhaps Irish

From Caleb:

Killing rabbits to save birds, because we already hunted all the cats … or .. wait, what?

What’s the matter with Minnesota? Fat dads doing Hannah Montana, that’s what:

Ghost in the machine (if by machine you mean old ass castle):

This white line separates your half of the country from mine. I get the kitchen:


My Interview With Patrick Kennedy

Here’s pretty much the full video of my interview with Patrick Kennedy, in 3 parts.  I have to say, I was very impressed by his humanity.  I speak to a lot of politicians and political operatives, and none has near the obviously deep-seated connection to liberal ideals that Kennedy has.

First, I asked him about healthcare.  As an expert on the subject, I can vouch for Patrick’s bona fides.  Earlier in the evening, we had a talk about the nuts and bolts of health insurance that would bore you to tears, the mark of a true experts.  This part of the interview is a Daily Dose exclusive.  For now.

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Today’s Quickies – Really Quick

My old pal John Ziegler gets a nineteen-part interview at HuffPo.

Michael Steele is done.

Good Sunday talk roundup here .

GOP budget off the chart.

Caleb strikes back!

My old pal Kevin is at it again.

Redstate: Twitter Me This, Olbermann

Caleb Howe is copiously doing this over at Redstate because Keith Olbermann made a mistake.  I have to hand it to him, he’s gone on a Javert-esque quest to embarrass Keith over his gaffe, even digging up the guy whose Twitter feed recommendation landed him in hot water.

OK, sure, it is a little bit funny that Keith named Twitter the Worst Person in the World for allegedly allowing someone to operate a fraudulent Keith Olbermann Twitter feed that later turned out to be one that was set up by NBC.  Keith (or someone on his production staff, or an intern, most likely) became aware of the Twitter feed when a fan of his sent an email recommending Dan Cooper’s Twitter feed.

Worth some props is Caleb digging Cooper up to hurl his own version of a Special Comment at Keith.  Fair enough, if you make a gaffe, you take your lumps.

Worth a chuckle is the fact that that same “Worst Persons” segment was sent out by the Keith Olbermann Twitter feed in question.

But this is too much: Continue reading