Stephen Baldwin’s Nobody ******* Pal Kevin McCullough is a Liar, Too

Update: At CPAC 2010, McCullough and I buried the hatchet (to his credit, he approached me), so I hereby retract “dickbag.” I’m leaving the post up because, well, I wrote it, and it serves as a reminder of when to take a deep breath.

Wow, what a dickbag this guy is, I hate to even give him a link. Well, maybe the extra traffic will help him pay for those Viagra he has on layaway.

Remember this from yesterday?  Yeah, the one where I stuck up for Kevin’s buddy.  Well, this dickbag is such a dickbag that he can’t stand it that Baldwin talked to me.  Sick jealousy.  Dude, I wasn’t trying to horn in on your action.

Here are the facts: I talked to the event staff at the book signing, and followed their instructions to the letter.  There was nobody waiting there for them.  Stephen Baldwin was cautious, but polite.  He hadn’t heard the quote, and observed that it was weird that nobody else had.  Exactly my thoughts.  His dickbag buddy made him all nervous, so he understandably didn’t want to say more.

And his claim about how people get quotes is a joke.  First of all, he’s bitching because they’re in an all-fired hurry, but he wants me to play Stephen a clip and let him ruminate for awhile.  Funny, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Joe the Plumber didn’t have any such objection.  In fact, this dickbag was the only person in all of CPAC to give me any static at all.

His post about me is hilariously scummy, as he homophobically asserts that I’m “homosexual,” which means, I suppose, that Captain Ed Morrissey is too, since he agrees with me about civil unions.  Or maybe McCullough was just fantasizing out loud, wishing he could get into my disheveled pants.  Nothing wrong with that, I’m a handsome guy with a lot of good qualities.

He also asserts that I “occasionally cross-post at AOL.”  Done laughing yet?  Yeah, I did 133 posts for them last month.  Idiot.  I actually posted the video at AOL, without the dickbag’s static, in a story about Steele.  Maybe he’s pissed that he didn’t make the cut.

He’s on my radar now, though, and good for him.  He’ll get to see what it’s like to actually get traffic to his blog.  Better start checking your facts, asshole.

Here’s that video again, in case you missed it.

Bonus: Click here to find out what Kevin looks for in a man.



  1. Please Stephen don’t let this side kick of your’s ruin you. People had really started taking you serious, specially us young ones. Now you only talk politics with this new pal of yours and he seems to be trying to turn you in to something you are not. When you condone those actions from your business partner in public you are telling the world it is okay to treat people that way. Please Kevin go find someone to leach on to for your personal gain and stop dragging Stephen down to your level.

  2. Seriously. Baldwin was being totally cool, even after Kato Kaelin opened his uninvited yap. I don’t blame him for not commenting on something he hadn’t heard, but what an insult for his pal to think he needed a few minutes to think it over.

  3. Tommy…

    Genius… the book signing peeps didn’t handle our media schedule. You weren’t on the media schedule. And you did not post the video you shot of us on AOL until after you caused the kerfuffle.

    You sir – walked up with camera rolling – trying to get Stephen to say something you could use and generate a little traffic with. Very douchebag like (that was Stephen’s assessment not mine by the way.)

    You wanna keep up this little urination match of yours go ahead.

    But at least tell the truth. You never asked permission to talk to us. You were behind the rope line without our consent. And your camera was rolling…

    Tell the truth…

  4. UPDATE: Tommy Christopher lies on top of other lies he’s already told hoping that there will be so many lies no one can catch them all…

    So here’s the truth about the last round of lies Tommy Christopher–liar lives to tell:

    Tommy’s claim: “There was no one waiting for Stephen and I”
    TRUTH: There were runners for the Washington Times (a lovely young lady in a green dress), Pajamas Media (Roger Simon), and for HotAir as well as NRA News (David Nammo) — waiting for us to wrap the book signing and to escort us to the next stops for the afternoon.

    Tommy’s claim: “Stephen’s ‘d*ckbag buddy’ mad (Stephen) nervous, and so (Stephen) didn’t want to comment any further.”
    TRUTH: Creep unkempt Tommy Christopher made Stephen highly suspicious of him since he was running tape BEFORE asking permission to speak to us. Stephen and I were there together to promote our radio show – now on in 164 markets. Christopher wished to score a cheap piece of tape to make Stephen look dumb. He wished to do so by catching him off guard and then publishing it without Stephen’s permission. Since Stephen and I own the media company together — I had every right to set the agenda for the afternoon. Tommy Christopher never asked permission, acted like a total tool while there, and was mad at me because I put an end to his fishin expedition.

    Tommy’s claim: “Kevin asserts Tommy is a homo”
    TRUTH: I said he looked unkempt (like a creepy uncle). And I asked two questions in the above post that postulated why he was asking those at CPAC about such an obscure quote by Steele. Usually those who walk around wanting to know everyone else’s thoughts on homosexuality do so for other reasons than just pure intellectual curiousity. If asking the guy a question about his motivation asserts anything… I’m at a loss as to explain how. One thing definitely asserts such however… RESPONDING to the question.

    Tommy’s OH SO ORIGINAL claim: “Kevin’s a homo bc he said homo”
    TRUTH: Tommy’s an angry boy, who knows very little about manners and even less about journalism. Listeners to our show know well the love and affection I have for my Lovely Bride. It’s intellectually lazy to accuse someone of being a repressed homosexual. But intellectually lazy describes Tommy Christopher pretty well. He’s had some fun at my expense bc I asked him who he was and what he wanted to talk to Stephen and I about. (It was a joint appearance and Stephen wasn’t doing one on one interviews… neither was I… we were promoting our show.)

    Tommy Christopher has been proven false on four claims in his most recent update to this story. He uses language that is profane and vulgar because he lacks either the imagination or the vocabulary to make his point with it. He’s angry… he’s ticked… and he’s rude.

  5. Tommy,

    I wasn’t Kato for the afternoon – I was Stephen’s boss. He was on the clock for me, the radio show, and what we were there to accomplish.

    Learn to ask permission before you start rolling tape…

  6. tommy – you didn’t have the right
    to gather quotes or anything else until you asked us…

    which you hadn’t…

    and if you had we would’ve scheduled you for after 5pm that night…

    Mitt and Newt do what they do for reasons that they care about.

    So do Stephen and I.

    Bringing them up is irrelevant.

  7. Like I said, I followed the event staff’s instructions, and I was trying to be respectful of Stephen’s schedule. You presumed bad faith, the only person at CPAC who did, by the way. If you or Stephen had asked me to stop rolling, I would have happily complied, or asked me not to use the tape, again I would have happpily complied. The reason I was so “disheveled,” as you put it, was that I was up all night post-producing video, after having worked the White House press briefing on Thursday and CPAC on Thursday night. See, I work for a living.

  8. The “event staff” what “event staff” there were no such people. Speaking to some college or high school intern doesn’t quite constitute permission from “event staff.”

    I presumed bad faith, because you were rolling tape and did not do what established media would do – if they were of no ill intent… ask permission ahead of time.

    We had waved off several other “impromptus” that had asked already. But you came right in…

    And then – because I only did what Stephen had asked me to do that morning… You louse up your page describing me one way and not being honest about how you presented yourself, nor telling us anything about what you wanted to talk to us about.

    And btw… Tommy… Stephen wasn’t there doing media for his ministry or book or anything else as a solo act that day. He does sometimes… So do I… but we had 24 hours to do several dozen media requests, you were never cleared, you never asked, and you creeped Stephen out. Do you know how many times TMZ has just flat out lied to him and walked up with tape rolling? Any idea?

    Do you care?

    No – because for you it’s all about making your name and getting the get.

    BTW… I noticed you didn’t do the same to Coulter. (The only other “celebrity” on the floor that afternoon.) Why not?

    Because her security staff would’ve shoved the camera up one nostril and beaten you until it popped out the other.

    By comparison you got very favorable treatment from us.

    Until you start calling people scrotums.

    Bait and switch to gain access.

    And Tommy – here’s a clue…

    Stephen does not make public statements on the issue of civil unions, gay “rights”, or redefining marriage to include homosexual unions.

    He has personal reasons for holding this position.

    Respect the man, respect his place, respect the boundaries, and respect the man the man works for.

    If you would have… you would have gotten an interview.

    Heck – if you’ll just apologize you could have it next time.

    Never too late to do the right thing!

  9. Kevin, why are you pushing so hard against this? If you are in the eye of the media you will face various scenerios that are not to your taste. If you cant take the heat you should reconsider your career path. Don’t be a baby because someone approaches you unexpectantly. From all accounts I can see, this gentlemen was just that. He was very polite and asked for your opinion and when you chose to be rude, he continued to be nice. If you have nothing better to focus on I suppose this is great subject matter for you. I don’t see Stephen crying in public about it. He must have a life and better things to do with it. You might want to consider the same approach and stop embarrassing yourself by acting like a child who did not get their way.

  10. Here’s how I see it.. and I am one to constantly put his foot in his mouth and have insulted both Kevin and Stephen (and most of my friends…which is ONE) with my skewed outlook on life. Besides not being able to fix everything, each of us has good ideas… Sure mine are better, but who cares? Right?

    Tommy- You should admit you being the avid reporter and looking for a scoop of some sort (which is your job)… You did push a little bit hard by crossing the ropes and wandering up with the camrea like you did (paparazzi style). Other than that, you were on cue.

    Kevin and Stephen- You were doing your job and did not want the invasion of your time, especially by someone looking like a paparazzi. Right?

    Tommy might be a homo… But that is between him and his B-buddys (if in fact he is..No offence Tommy)… As long as he is not a Liberal Democrat or a child molestor, we should be able to handle anythign else as well.

    Now let’s all stand together and sing Kumbaya!
    Okay.. I don’t sing, so you three can do the cover without me.

  11. You are adults and in the limelight…..Geesh…Grow up….!!!


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