Ann Coulter on the Hot Babes of CPAC

Note to Daily Dosers:  Dude, there were so many babes at CPAC, they ran out of #3’s to put on back of their shirts.  So many honeys, they ran out of nuts and Cheerios.  So many hot chicks, they needed tiny icepacks for their little foreheads.  You get the picture.

Caleb and I are going to try to get to YearlyKos this year, so we’ll see how our side stacks up.  I like our chances.

Ann Coulter on the Hot Babes of CPAC

I don’t mean that literally, of course.

The Daily Beast has Coulter telling Glenn Beck about how “the media” is ignoring all of the honeys at CPAC:

I really, really hate to do it, but I have to partially agree with Ann, there were loads of Republican hotties at CPAC, but I, at least, did not ignore that fact. I made repeated mention of this shocking phenomenon on Ed Morrissey’s show.

One of the conservatives on CPAC’s “Bloggers’ Row,” where I was embedded, told me, “Our women dress to breed.”

It’s tough to say how the ratio compared with such liberal-heavy events as the DNCC, the Election Night party, and the inauguration, but it was an eye-opener nonetheless. I encourage my fellows in the national media to uncover more of this trend.

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