The White House Vs. CNBC: Round Two!

I think engaging TV and radio personalities is a good think as long as the other guy swings first and the press corps asks about it.  These guys barf out a constant stream of unexamined nonsense that doesn’t hold up.

The White House Vs. CNBC: Round Two!


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  1. kramer was actually one of of those guys that thought obama was God. for a full year i saw him and the other obama lovers preaching how we needed obama in the white house.well its too late now kramer. i just heard that the insurance company that insures our savings in the bank isnt sure they will have any money left in 6 months. i will take my meager 2o,ooo out of the bank and stick it in the freezer . obama and his ideas of spreading the wealth except his , is destroying our country and before you say it bush started it but obama put the destruction to an incomprehensible level.

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