Report: RNC Sitting on Palin’s Wardrobe Goldmine

Here’s the AOL link.  In addition, I gotta say, the RNC are a bunch of idiots.  What they need to do is put those clothes in a pile, figure out a way to get ’em good ‘n musky (maybe some intern wrestling matches), then sell them like “game worn” jerseys.  Palin is nothing if not the “Mean Joe Green” of Republican sex symbology.

Report: RNC Sitting on Palin’s Wardrobe Goldmine



  1. I think she can wear whatever she wants to wear. Leave her alone. You don’t go after Mashelle Obama when wears something that she shouldn’t. Or some other liberal, but my goodness if a conservitive wears something than its bad. There is to much double standards with you liberals. Give it up, you will never change.

  2. […] a new controversy surrounding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s clothes, but this time, the price-tag is considerably lower. An Alaska Democrat wants the Governor to take […]

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