Fox News Runs With Fake Obama Teleprompter Story

This dude really stepped in it.  He couldn’t even get his fake facts right, and erroneously linked to the one guy in the world who had already debunked his story.  That’d be me.

Fox News Runs With Fake Obama Teleprompter StoryJohn R. Lott, Jr. has just posted a story on Fox Forums about Barack Obama’s use of a Teleprompter during his first prime-time news conference, and he includes an interesting “fact,” with an even more interesting source:

While people who watched Obama’s first national press conference noticed his use of a teleprompter to give his initial presentation as well as in answering questions, the media and late night joke writers completely ignored it.

The story he links to is mine, and it says nothing about any Teleprompter. While that alone is ironic, what’s even better is the reason why my story says nothing about the Teleprompter. It isn’t true. Obama didn’t use the Teleprompter while answering questions, as they lowered into the floor after his opening remarks.

Oh, but it gets better. He goes on to reference another lie of a story, one which I personally debunked in another story. Neat bit of symmetry there, huh? Here’s his claim:

Apparently, Obama is looking to install a computer screen into the White House podiums so that, according to one Obama advisor, “It would make it easier for the comms guys to pass along information without being obvious about it.”

Funnier still, he can’t even get the lie straight, and doesn’t bother sourcing it. The original, wrong story, quoted ” one former communications adviser” anonymously.

Here’s the only actual, credible reporting on this story:

After Barack Obama’s first prime-time press conference, there were stories circulating among the right-o-sphere/PUMA-ocracy about Barack Obama’s teleprompter. The story went, in part, that he used the prompter during the Q&A, not just his opening remarks. (Not true, you can see on any broadcast that the screens lowered into the floor at that point.)

The other part of the story was that the White House is in the process of installing a video screen into the podium, so the President can get “Cliff notes” during press conferences. I asked Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton about it today.

He laughed, and said, “Have you seen that anyplace credible, from any credible source?”

That depends on your definition of “credible,” I suppose. The American Spectator claimed to have hard reporting on the videoscreen story, although anonymously sourced.

Burton went on to say that the story is completely false, there is no, nor will there be, a videoscreen.

See what I did there? I asked a credible source, and named him?

Now that Fox News is reporting it, I guess the answer to Burton’s question about whether I’ve seen it from a credible source is still, “Um, not really.”

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