I’m Not Happy Unless I’m Startin’ Shit

Here’s what I wrote about this at AOL:

Jonah Goldberg Should School Himself, Not CNN, on Blogosphere

I thought this deserved more than a mere cross-post, however.  This kind of shit burns my ass.  You might have noticed this before.  To the right-O-sphere’s credit, they are the first to denounce this kind of breach, even Redstate, who hate me.

What’s great about this, though, is that Goldberg is being such a dick about schooling CNN’s Mark Preston, giving me a wide open shot at his chin.

Here’s what happened:

I got an email from College Politico just before 2pm, about Preston’s story.  It went out to a whole list of righty sites, and me.  Here’s the whole email:


I’m not positive what to make of this. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be an opinion piece or a news report but either way it completely ignores and even marginalizes conservative and republican bloggers. It reminds me a lot of time’s top 25 blogs where they cited zero conservative sites.

Here it is: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/03/09/preston.obama.blogging/index.html

The College Politico

Now, I was pretty much done for the day, and not going to use it.  A very prominent right-blogger replied to all on the list, so there is no chance that didn’t get opened.  At 2:30, Jonah Goldberg posts a heavily blockquoted post (8 frakking paragraphs!  Again, who doesn’t understand the blogosphere?), including this familiar-sounding phrase:

This CNN op-ed (news piece? news analysis?) is odd. CNN’s political editor seems to have a very odd understanding of the blogosphere.

What he doesn’t do is credit Steve Gutowski, the tipster from College Politico.

Steve’s a guy I met at CPAC, and while he’s definitely a hard-right conservative, he’s also a good guy who’s trying to hustle up some traffic to his blog.  I hate to see the little guy get screwed by the big bully.

So, I emailed this story to some heavy-ass hitters in TV and blogs.  Let’s see what happens, because all of us need to get our propers, doncha think?

I also emailed Goldberg, let’s see who responds first.



  1. Red State does not hate you, Tommy. They simply envy the movie star thing, human nature being what it is.

    Of course, on a bad day, Caleb may be throwing darts at your 8×10 glossy, but that’s artistic expression.

    (Caleb, I need a new one.)

  2. Wow, denouncing Ann Coulter got 400 comments! Could it be love? :>)

  3. […] that’s how I would characterize the situation that Tommy Christopher wrote up over at AOL and Daily Dose. The whole thing centers around a tip I sent out this afternoon about CNN’s estimation of the […]

  4. Tommy dindn’t denounce Coulter. Meghan McCain did.

    I remember first noticing Mehgan. She has big things for us all to watch over her life.

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