The Tommy Christopher 2-Pack

Perfect for the PUMA in your life, or even a visiting head of state, check out my appearances in not 1, but 2 anti-Obama documentaries.

I’m only in Media Malpractice in a screenshot, but I’m the star of Audacity (3rd billing.)  Still, you’re not a complete collector until you have ’em both!




    It will be a priceless collection of videos and stills, set to the tune of “You’re So Vain”, as soon as we can work out the rights with Carly.


  2. I’d be glad to perform the vocals, Bob, as this was one of the first songs I sang in front of the mirror, using my hairbrush as a makeshift mic (back when it was first released). I just sang it to him the other day 😉 Move over, Warren Beatty (or Mick Jagger?). I seriously hope you don’t go through Tommy withdrawal with him relinquishing his show’s host duties. There’s always the archives.

  3. Diana,

    I will believe Tommy has truly relinquished the show when I verify at the wake that the departed has a stake through his heart. Otherwise, I suspect he will reappear. Watch out for the bites.

    BTW, there are some cool stakes on offer at Redstate. And offers of expertise :>)

  4. How else do you think I’ve survived lo these many months? I have a huge crucifix (Ecuadorian rosary beads) hanging over the bed and consume garlic on a daily basis. Stakes are under the bed, just in case. I bet Erickson has an entire collection, all sharpened and ready to go. Hey, how else would I explain his supernatural abilities and powers? BTW – I kinda like the bites from time to time.

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