Sleeping Bags For Homophobes

These will definitely keep you out of those Brokeback situations, but the trade-off, ironically, is thatselkbag they look pretty gay.  From Asylum:

It’s still early March and even though you want to believe in spring, the winter is still kicking around like some untreatable venereal disease. Fortunately, the Selkbag is like Valtrex for the cold. It’s made of durable nylon taffeta, reversible zippers and reinforced soles so that you don’t wear out the footies. Boots, we mean boots.

Shit! I Missed My Millionth Word!

Here’s what my Dashboard at Political Machine says:dollars

“You have written 1,028,205 words on 1,373 posts since you started publishing 1 year and 166 days ago”

I knew this was gonna happen!  Dammit!  I still want a cake, and presents.

Redstate Takes Down Meghan McCain!

I was going to do a roundup of conservative reaction to Meghan McCain’s evisceration of Ann Coulter, but my old stomping ground, Redstate, offers a one-stop shopping experience that’s impossible to resist.

Here’s some of Erick Erickson’s brick-by-brick dismantling of Megan McCain:

Let’s just pick apart one measly paragraph of this pablum by Megan McCain complaining about Ann Coulter to get to how ridiculous it is.

Oof! Pablum! BAM! Continue reading

Democratic Party Email – Rush Limbaugh Billboard

Democratic Party Email – Rush Limbaugh Billboard Continue reading

Bin Laden’s Only 52?

Dude, he looks like shit

Today is his birthday,  so I’m doing 2 posts about him, kinda like the 2 Live Crew, a cleaned up version at AOL, and this one here.

My first thought for a gift was one of these “enhancement” products, but I think Bin Laden is over that whole “72 Virgins” thing.  He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to martyr himself.  Maybe he had a near-death experience once, and found out that 72 virgins greeting him means that he gets a booth at ComicCon Heaven. Continue reading

Is There a Dick Recession?

I know, it usually takes 3 to make a trend, but I like to be on the cutting edge.

I was going to post about this new manmeat-enlarger yesterday, but among other reasons, I was too busy.  Then, today, The Daily Beast has a review of those ExtenZe pills.  I guess this post makes 3.  Let’s talk about this.

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