Redstate Takes Down Meghan McCain!

I was going to do a roundup of conservative reaction to Meghan McCain’s evisceration of Ann Coulter, but my old stomping ground, Redstate, offers a one-stop shopping experience that’s impossible to resist.

Here’s some of Erick Erickson’s brick-by-brick dismantling of Megan McCain:

Let’s just pick apart one measly paragraph of this pablum by Megan McCain complaining about Ann Coulter to get to how ridiculous it is.

Oof! Pablum! BAM!

It goes on like that for awhile, but then I think Meghan appeared before him a la Princess Leia, perhaps emanating from his R2D2 mousepad, because he starts to speak directly to her:

You are perfectly worthy of being a member of the GOP if you believe in freedom and liberty. But that’s not what you are really after is it? You want to be a voice guiding the party and, given that people like Coulter and Rush are much more articulate than you, though they don’t throw around the word “hip” as much, the competition is stiff. So you’d rather bash them than articulate a vision of where things should go.

I’m not that surprised by this reaction.  Erickson’s point is perfectly valid, Meghan McCain is no policy expert, and is probably completely unqualified to pontificate about GOP messaging.

Unfortunately, this misses the point of McCain’s article.  She’s not the voice of the party, but here, she is the ears.   Instead of destroying her, the Republicans should be listening to her, and maybe figuring out how they can tune their message to her ears.

In fairness, too, I joke, but if Malia Obama tore Michael Moore apart like that, well, let’s just say my response would make Erickson’s diatribe look like a Hallmark card.  (Not really, but I don’t revere that many liberals, other than myself.)

Actually, I did get into it really bad once with a friend of mine who was trashing Joe Trippi.  I guess that’s kind of similar.

I also love how another Redstater is doing a whole series at AOL about how the Democrats are “silencing” dissenting voices (by loudly publicizing them?), yet this is the reaction their own dissenter gets.   DEFLECTION BAM!


  1. As a McCain supporter it’s fun to see Meagan McCain show that same spark that her father has in a new and fresh way.

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