Sleeping Bags For Homophobes

These will definitely keep you out of those Brokeback situations, but the trade-off, ironically, is thatselkbag they look pretty gay.  From Asylum:

It’s still early March and even though you want to believe in spring, the winter is still kicking around like some untreatable venereal disease. Fortunately, the Selkbag is like Valtrex for the cold. It’s made of durable nylon taffeta, reversible zippers and reinforced soles so that you don’t wear out the footies. Boots, we mean boots.



  1. Make those in orange and you have the all-purpose GITMO protest outfit.

  2. OMG, I have the same jog suit in a more mustard hue, sans pieds. Gives Big Bird a run for his money 😉

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