OMB Director Missed the Memo

From Indecision’s Dennis DiClaudio (h/t Cube), it looks like Obama’s team of rivals thing has taken a disturbing turn:

Sen. TOM CARPER, D-Del.: We do — we need to find out what you’re drinking. And…


ORSZAG: I will — I hope this isn’t product placement, but this is Diet Coke. Apparently there’s a big controversy that has broken out between Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke and what members of the administration drink what, but that’s Diet Coke.

CARPER: Do you go back and forth or are you just a straight Diet Coke…

ORSZAG: No, I’m a Diet Coke guy.


CARPER: All right. All right. I’m glad we got that on the record.

DiClaudio:  Diet Coke tastes like ass. No, I take that back. It tastes like diet ass.

Dennis is content to curse the darkness, but I will take a stand.  First of all, Obama is all about the Pepsi.  Second, for the fatties, there is only one beverage for The One’s administration:  Delicious Pepsi One.  So say we all.



  1. Great. I’ve gottta child molester to defend and I’m wondering about the metaphyiscal question about Diet Ass.

    Fortunately, I’m not a fattie. I’m sorry for all you fat bastards, but, diet ass sucks. Any diet ass. Apparently, there is ass gridlock between the legislative and executive branches.

  2. Tommy,

    You know damn well that Diet Pepsi rules. Diet Coke is not even in the running–it’s bilge water. And Pepsi One is….well, it’s just for those who are not strong enough to handle the real deal that is Diet Pepsi.

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