Evening at the White House

Yeah, I’m still here.  I’m about to leave, but I thought I’d give you guys a quick pictorial tour of my workplace.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

White House Press Briefing Transcript

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Chair-Dancing at the White House

I’m waiting for a transcript, and maybe video, but I wanted to give you some insider info.  If you saw me ask my question today, watch it again with the knowledge that I was pee-pee dancing in my chair through the entire briefing.  You just don’t get up and leave in the middle of one of those, especially when you’re the new guy.

Also, more on this later, but Gibbs was super-effing-terse with my pal, April Ryan.  She asked if the latest nominee kerfufflet would make them re-think the nominating process, and he snapped,  “The answer is NO!”

I get that April yelled her question out of turn (Go April!), but Gibbs’ response…well, sooner or later, the administration has to acknowledge that they’re having a harder time with nominees than Charlie had with that 3rd Angel slot.

Democratic Party Email – Winning Billboard

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Tommy Christopher: Warrior For Truth and Disney

Did you catch this on AOL yesterday?