Goddam Kids With Their Twitter! That Ain’t Music!

There’s always a lot of chatter about Twitter during the down-time at the White House briefing room.  Everyone has pretty much the reaction I had when Joe Trippi first tried to explain it to me:  “Huh?  Uh, oh, I get…mmm, no, I don’t get it.”

Lately, I hear a lot of complaining that it’s “just about self-promotion.”  And…?

There were 2 exchanges that I thought were pretty funny, and emblematic.

First, there was this tweet from last month:

CNN guy is complaining about the mindlessness of Twittering. Now he’s narrating his every move.

The guy, who I think was a sound guy (as in audio, not sound like “mentally sound,” although I’m sure he is), was doing this pretty funny bit where he narrated an imaginary Twitter feed of everything he was doing.  I then started miming my own Twitter feed about him Twittering about the things he was doing.

Then, yesterday, a TV news guy (I won’t say who) was holding court before the briefing about how someone had tweeted something that the TV guy had said in conversation with someone else.  I had to physically restrain myself from ironically tweeting that.

I was with him about that.  Twitter is a weird sort of reverse-cyberstalking, where you voluntarily shit out microscopic detail about your life.

I had to laugh, though, when he predicted that Twitter, and the “new media,” are on the verge of collapse, in favor of a resurgence by weekly and monthly magazines.  I’m sure the owners of the “8-Track and Betamax Emporium” had similar inklings at one point.

That’s why, even though I don’t completely get it, I’m on board.

But, really, the point of phenomena like Twitter is that squares like us don’t get it.  As soon as we do, we ruin it, and it’s time for the next new thing to pop up.



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