Overly-Specific Store, Meet Obtusely-Named Store

On my way to DC yesterday, I noted a cluster of odd landmarks along Route 168 (do you say r-OW-t, or root?), and so I took pictures of a couple of them on the way back.  I’ll try and snap the others next week.  My favorite is this narrowly-targeted business:


Then, there’s the other side of the coin, this oddly-monikered convenience store:


Was this a response to a steady stream of customers poking their heads in the door and shouting, “Hey, is this the Just Milk Emporium?”

I also had to take a shot of this motel’s sign, just to prove to Caleb that motels in New Jersey really do have air conditioning and TV!  TEEVEE!


I also took a picture of this sign in the restroom of the Senate office building:


because I thought it would be better if it said this:


Finally, here’s my impression of Barack Obama at the White House, when nobody’s looking:




  1. What, no warnings about “wide stances” on the bathroom wall?

  2. LMAO–love your version of the sign in the restroom. And put that shitstick out!!!

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