Stephen Baldwin Knows How to Market Himself

At AOL, I just did a post called Ron Paul vs Stephen Baldwin on Marijuana Laws? Are You High?

While I questioned the fairness of the matchup, I think Baldwin is a genius for doing spots like this.  That clip has “viral video” written all over it, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I have to admit, while I like Baldwin’s persona, and he seems like a very genuine guy, I’m starting to wish he would stop hurting America.  The “reformed sinner” narrative is a powerful one, and I’m sure he does a lot that’s good with it, leading people to Christ and all, but running around telling cancer patients to suck it up, and supporting the lifelong imprisonment of potheads is harmful to actual people.  Let people be free to feel better, just as you are free to lead them to Christ, I say.

This is something that the Christian right doesn’t get: you can’t lead people to Jesus at the barrel of a gun.  Barack Obama is a Christian, and annoyingly opposes gay marriage, but he also supports a woman’s right to choose.  He focuses, instead, on making his personal choice easier for women to make by supporting access to contraception, responsible sex education, and support for working mothers.

And on gay marriage, he doesn’t favor a federal ban, he believes in equality for gay people (albeit the separate equality of civil unions), and lets his personal beliefs remain largely between himself, his God, and his fellow believers.  That’s the American way.



  1. Love Ron Paul!! He is just a cool dude. Finally, a politician who believes in not regulating peoples’ personal proclivities. If an individual is of consenting age and isn’t harming others with their ways, who gives a shit what they do. Smoke em if ya got em, marry who you want, and do with your body whatcha feel–it’s all good. Keep in mind that the only ‘ism’ I believe in and practice is ‘hedonism’, so naturally, my opinion is biased.

  2. […] Ron Paul may not have won the Republican presidential nomination, but he damn-sure won every debate, most notably embarrassing John McCain at the Reagan Library. So, who would you book to debate Paul on the legalization of marijuana, or any topic? I can’t think of many names lower on that list than Stephen Baldwin. […]

  3. […] I think people’s opinions should be judged on the merits, whether you’re Sean Penn or Stephen Baldwin. The fact that Angie Harmon is an actress and a model has no bearing on whether she’s full of […]

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