Thinking Up New Shit to Criticize Barack Obama For

I had a “Nat X” moment at yesterday’s White House press briefing.  Here’s the question someone asked Gibbs:

Robert, following up on an earlier question, there are some veterans of past Democratic administrations who believe that the President is simply overloading the political circuitry in pursuing an agenda as multi-pronged as he is. Is there not an argument for just pushing on one issue, given the White House’s limited time and resources — say, economic recovery — letting other — leaving other issues for later in the term?

So, now, they’re getting on his case for doing too much?  I don’t remember them doing that to the white presidents.  Here’s Obama’s take on it:

If Obama did concentrate on just one thing, would they say he was “loafing?”

Seriously, though, I liked Gibbs’ answer, as it recalls the key reason I endorsed Obama.  Here’s what he said:

Well, you know, Peter, as I’ve said here multiple times, I think that — a couple of different things. One, these challenges — many of these challenges are interconnected, right. We talked a little bit about the deficit — and I said this a few days ago — if you’re concerned about the deficit and the debt that we are potentially passing on to our children, the amount of money that we spend on Medicare and Medicaid and the tremendous growth that we see in the cost of health care each year is a particular driver of the deficit and the debt.

I think the real question is “Are the right things being done?”  So far, I’m encouraged, although I think he compromised too much on the stimulus to get nothing in return from the Republicans.   On the other hand, he did gain public antipathy toward the Republicans, so we’ll have to see how that pays off.



  1. Umm, nice deflection, but the problem isn’t “challenges” .. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he were dealing with challenges? No, Obama opened the candy store for every Democrat wet dream of the last twenty years and is trying shove them all down our throats before the opportunity of “crisis” passes.

    So, you know, nice try. But no.

  2. Caleb go back to sucking ***** and give Obama a chance like all of y’all should my god not even Bush was getting criiticized this Bush. Obama hasn’t even been in the white house for a year yet. I guess our nation is not ready for a black president. People are still idiots!

  3. i think obama is not even going to do ****** for us he just saying stuff but he an’t doing what he said so yeap you right!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. […] he was doing too much, now he’s […]

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