I Have My Trend! Size the Hot Topic


Remember when I noted that I was one story short of a trend about dick size last week?  Well, now there are 2 new stories about size, this time of women.   I say that totally counts.

Meghan McCain slaps back at conservative Laura Ingraham’s crack about  her weight, and The Daily Beast has a study about men preferring fuller-figured women during a recession.

I think I’m lucky not to be hung up on either count, but it seems to me that the guys who slam fuller-figured celebrities tend to be the grossest, fartin’-est dumbass slobs.  It always amuses me when some douche who has’t had pussy since pussy  had him deigns to bestow the title of “fuckable” on, well, anyone.

Meghan McCain brings up a raft of hotties who have taken shit from the gossip douches lately about their weight, and I gotta say, you’d have to be insane to say that Meg, or Jessica Simpson, or any of the ones she mentioned are not beautiful.  I say take your ExtenZe pills, shut the fuck up, and hope you can ever get near a woman within driving distance of that kind of hotness.

Fun Fact I Just Discovered:  Press two Swedish Fish together, flat side-to-flat side.  The result is visually unsettling.




  1. lol Tommy….

    Buxom babes…..red squishy fish…..dude, call your lady….I think you need some lovin’!

  2. LOL, no need to call Michelle, I live with him. It’s not a matter of needing any, he seems to talk about it more the more he gets it 😉 As you can see, he also walks the walk.

  3. phew, good….but I think he’s having a meltdown…lol




    and yes, you guys are a perfect match!!! I suspected the union…but Im coming into this world a little behind so….I’ll catch up…

    he reminds me of my hubby….always acting deprived….lol

    seeing sex in everyday objects….lol

  4. back to subject,

    the asswipes on PM are going after some of the gals, and really doing this snipe type shit…

    if they only knew…llol

  5. […] Size is the hot topic these days, and it just got hotter. Fresh off of her column responding to Laura Ingraham’s crack about her weight, Meghan McCain went on The View today, and echoed a defiant rallying cry that is sure to make all of the Sirs Mix-a-lot out there take notice: […]

  6. […] Barack Obama really take a swipe at Jessica Simpson? I hadn’t heard about that, and you know I don’t play that! I mean, even if true, it doesn’t absolve Ingraham at all, but what a story! I checked it […]

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