Speaking of Fat Asses

I posted Mehan McCain’s newest awesomeness at AOL, but here it is for you Dosers:

Which reminded me of a much more eloquent form of my agreement with Meg, from last year’s company beach party:



  1. Wow, are you a refreshing guy or what?! Meghan-smart, funny, richly curvy, lots of fun, anyway you look at it!
    Ann & Laura – petty, catty, walk with an obvious stick up…starved, cranky & mean. I guess that might be why they are so mean & cranky! They should just eat, & have some zest for life!

  2. Agree 100%. Disagree zero. The right wingers aren’t going to win any points by beating up on Meg.

  3. […] Meg’s simultaneous defiance of strident wingnuts and destructive body image sets an example for a segment of women in America who usually feel left out of […]

  4. […] McCain went on The View today, and echoed a defiant rallying cry that is sure to make all of the Sirs Mix-a-lot out there take […]

  5. […] In the ongoing battle between Meghan McCain and the delightful doyennes of the right wing, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham has fired back at McCain’s defiant declaration that Ingraham “Kiss my fat ass!” […]

  6. […] McCain hasn’t responded to Kurtz yet, but I think I already know what she’ll say. As for Kurtz, I don’t think this kind of wisecrack will help his profile any with the […]

  7. […] is enjoying a video that perfectly illustrates the double-standard that she tried to point out in her response to Laura Ingraham. Laura, as Leia, slams a fellow woman about her (self-described “bootylicious”) body, […]

  8. […] One of Meg’s tweets caught my eye today, a defiant doubling-down of her previous declaration on The View: […]

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