Bailout Burgers and Bi-Partisan Bananas

Yeah, I know it’s a reach, but I feel better if I can shoe-horn the politics in there.0322091741

I decided to have another bash at bacon-wrapped bananas, but this time, with a twist:  GRILLED bacon-wrapped bananas.  And “Bailout” bacon burgers.

I started out by wrapping the bananas in half-slices of bacon, holding them together with a toothpick.  The burgers are salted and seasoned with my own special blend.

I also grilled the bacon for the burgers.  Did you just ask about cheese?  Well, over the years I have become a burger purist.  Most cheeses lack the flavor to justify theire own presence on the burger, except maybe bleu cheese. Continue reading

I Demand Greater Specificity Than This


As far as I know, the coffee plant doesn’t produce any cream.  What kind of hellish mutant lactose formulation are we talking about here?  Half n Third?

HuffPo Guy Says Geithner Like a Drunk Juggler

I posted a bit at AOL about Tim Geithner vis a vis drunk jugglers, but I didn’t feel I could post this video there, due to all the language.  It’s Sunday morning, y’know.

HuffPo Editor: Geithner’s ‘Dropped More Balls Than a Drunk Juggler’

So, go read that, then check out this video of an actual drunk juggler, who gets drunk assaulted by his drunk cameraman.

Funny stuff.

‘Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’ Verges on Offensive

‘Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’ Verges on Offensive

I’m not just referring to the witless titular blog, or its insistence on referring to the President as “Big Boy.” No, I’m referring to the notion, birthed by anti-Obama wingnuts, aided by lies, and given wings by the MSM through constant repetition, that Barack Obama is purely a construct of the TelePrompTer (don’t ask me why they spell it that way, the thing was invented when the Jetsons was on), and that he is helpless without it.

A blogger at Fox News ran a story containing several Obama teleprompter lies, but even Politico and the NY Times have been worn down into printing stories about the President’s supposed over-use of the device. While both contend that Obama uses the prompter in situations that other Presidents did not, they offer little evidence of this, nor of the extent of the variance.

Even granting that premise, the Politico article characterizes this as a crutch, or a weakness. Here’s what I think is weak: Writing a news story just to appear “balanced” to a bunch of wingnuts.

Yes, Barack Obama uses a teleprompter. If he was a carpenter, would people say, “Oh, this guy’s nuthin‘ without his hammer!”?

If he does, in fact, use the device more than other Presidents, I say “Bravo!” How do you criticize a guy for spending 11 minutes on an NCAA bracket, but then insist that he spend hours on rote memorization of his own speeches? I’m glad he uses the thing. It lets him stick to fixing the economy, instead of reciting his speeches to a mirror over and over again.

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