Bailout Burgers and Bi-Partisan Bananas

Yeah, I know it’s a reach, but I feel better if I can shoe-horn the politics in there.0322091741

I decided to have another bash at bacon-wrapped bananas, but this time, with a twist:  GRILLED bacon-wrapped bananas.  And “Bailout” bacon burgers.

I started out by wrapping the bananas in half-slices of bacon, holding them together with a toothpick.  The burgers are salted and seasoned with my own special blend.

I also grilled the bacon for the burgers.  Did you just ask about cheese?  Well, over the years I have become a burger purist.  Most cheeses lack the flavor to justify theire own presence on the burger, except maybe bleu cheese.


Everything was going really well.  I got everything prepped, fired up the grill, got my mis en place in place.  Pretty 0322091744soon, thoug0322091752h, the bacon grease was throwing off some decent flames, and my banana-turning skills were a little bit sketchy. By the time I was done, some of the bananas weren’t so much wrapped in bacon as “palling around” with bacon.

Still, the finished product was delish, and I think I mastered the grilling technique required for next time.  I also prepped my superior dry-rubbed ribs for cooking tomorrow night.




  1. Well,
    I think I know what I’m going to make next weekend (as long as the Doc doesn’t tell me to nix bacon from the diet this week).

  2. Tommy, have you tried prosciutto wrapped around cantaloupe? Mmmmmmm. It would go good with your bacon-wrapped bananas.

  3. Sounds good, but I don’t really like (those kinds of) melons. Do you cook ’em?

  4. If he does, you need to fire that guy.

  5. No you don’t cook them. You can use any kind of melon–even watermelon. And you can even drizzle some balsamic glaze over them. Okay, now I’m hungry.

  6. Tommy, check out how this guy peels a hard-boiled egg:

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