Steve Kroft, Are You Dick-Drunk?

From Political Machine’s Mark Impomeni:

The president’s demeanor in discussing the economy was so noticeably inappropriate that interviewer Steve Kroft confronted him about it, asking if Obama was, “punch drunk.” (13:34) Obama explained his jokes at the economy’s troubles as, “a little gallows humor to get you through the day.”

Yeah, Mark, he was fairly leaping on the couch and donning lampshades.

No, the reason this is a story is that Steve Kroft is a dick.  Are you punch drunk?  What kind of question is that?

The problem is, if an interviewer says something dickish, the President can’t call him out.  I woulda been like, “Punch drunk?  You mean from the punches I’m about to put upside your head?”

Punch drunk.


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  1. They are going totally bonkers on PM over this new line of tripe from Mark…what a weenie…

    anyway…I find it very offensive that the reporter said that, not good form at all to say that to a sitting President…

    even Bush wasn’t spoke to that way….

    Im noticing, that Obama is being held to a much higher standard than most…funny thing is, I think he knows it and gets a charge from it…

    Give the man a chance, he’ll do his job, and well.

    Hugs to all y’all out there in Doseville….keepin it real!!

    sheeesh, I have to come here, just to get back in touch with reality after being so steeped in shit on PM….hahahhahahahaha

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