‘Cock Shot’ – I Have Nothing to Add

From Tasty Booze:

OK, I do have something to add.  Here are 2 songs that should have been used in commercials.  You can give me your ideas on that theme, too.

First, for Viagra:

And for Tampax: (Incidentally, this one was written by my ex-girlfriend’s dad.)

Music videos in the 80’s were freaky, huh?

Today’s Quickies

“Today’s” implies that there will be quickies on other days.  We’ll see how that works out.

Caleb cursed me with the habit-forming ROLcats.

Is Greta Van Susteren a Xenuvian sleeper agent?

Smokin’ Smarties is not about hot chicks in glasses.  (Watch the video)  Catharsis or conditioning?

Aww, ain’t Rush cute?

The world’s biggest neck.

Palin Robocallypse Now.

Tommy Christopher vs Caleb Howe on Ed Morrissey’s Show – Live!

I can’t embed the video here, so you gotta click below to see me destroy Caleb.

Tommy Christopher vs Caleb Howe on Ed Morrissey’s Show – Live!

Three Degrees, Baby! Beat That!

I was playing a little “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” this morning (Bill Cosby), and I realized that I can now connect myself to Bacon (not that bacon) in 3 moves.  I’m in The Audacity of Democracy with Chris Matthews, who was in Swing Vote with Kevin Costner, who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.  Boo-to the-Yah!


Barack Obama: A Time for Global Action

Barack Obama: A time for global action

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