Today’s Quickies

Hey, 2 days in a row!  I’m proud of myself.quiches_lge

I’m still at the White House, tired, hungry, out of bills small enough for the vending machine.  I’m waiting to meet up with an OTR contact, so Iguess I shouldn’t fill up anyway.  There’ll probably be food involved.

So, here are your quickies.  Let me know if you want to keep getting these.

I know I said it already, but it bears repeating: congressional Democrats suck.  (At least these ones do)

Larry Summers brings in the coin for WSJ.

Dennis Quaid to play Bill Clinton.  Randy Quaid to play Linda Tripp.  (Joke! JK!JK!JK!)

Evan Bayh predicts no GOP Senate votes for the budget.  Does that include The Gang?

I Jindalled–in–My–Pants…I actually missed his speech because I turned on 30 Rock and thought it was Jindal.

Google shows sign of spine on censorship.

Noth Korea (where clones of Mr. Big live?)  I mean, North Korea stuffs its pants. (That thing is probably full of Michael Bolton CDs.)

Oh, God, if only this were possible…



  1. I always like a quicke. Or……. whoooooooooo. Space Mountain.

  2. are those quiche?

    or is it quiches….

    is it ok if I scream while Im here???



    Where in the HELL did some of these people come from??? I have NEVER came across ANYONE like that!!

    are they for REAL???

    holyshit….sometimes, I just don’t know anymore…

    Thanks Tommy for putting up this site!!!

    nice escape from the turdmonsters…

    hey Cube… I wanna bring a class action suit against the turdmonsters…on grounds that they are violating common sense…

    can you write up something on that for me?

    I’ll pay you in wooden nickles…hehehehehhee

  3. hey Tommy

    Gary Busey would be a better match to play Tripp….

  4. Michelle,
    You need to just walk away from some of the ass wipes–it’s the only way to stay sane. Unless, you’re Cube–who just has a knack for it (but then, he is a lawyer). Oh, and Busey as Tripp–perfecto Michelle!

    Tommy, I agree with Michelle–this is a nice escape from the assholes on PM. Some of those people are just fucking delusional, and not just because they don’t agree with me (which is clearly a sign of mental illness).

  5. Oh and Michelle–it qweeches! I swear to whomever, that’s what my father-in-law called them once.

  6. hahahahah PCL

    I love ya girl!! and you are right, I just get wiggy when my buttons get pushed too many times…

    qweeches, huh?

    I could say something but I won’t, it would belong on the fornication post…

    I don’t do nasty too well, in fact I suck at it!


    sometimes….I just wanna…….

    yep, PCL, we are sane, THEY are the fuckin crazy ones!!


  7. LMAO! Michelle you are right on them being the fucking crazy ones, damn straight they are. And some of them are flat fucking bitches! Some are just mean as hell–definitely in need of getting laid. Or maybe they were the type of women who bought into the ‘no sex after menopause’. They mistook the ‘pause’ in menopause as to mean ‘forever’. Don’t let that happen to you–it’s all bullshit. Okay, what the hell were we talking about, again? LOL

  8. I love how you guys pick one post a day to congregate. Makes it easy for me.

    Yeah, this is a troll-free zone. Anybody can read, but I don’t take troll comments here. This is a happy place, or at least, a place where I can be happy.

    Yeah, those are quiches, a little play on quickies. Didn’t think I could get away with a picture of a real quickie.

  9. BTW, where are your profile pics?

  10. Dammit huh, Tommy? (LOL) Seriously, where do you usually sit at the briefing?
    I’m always looking for you, but all you reporters are starting to look alike.

    Oh and about Unusable Signal–how come there isn’t an advanced notice up until the day of the show? Good grief, how am I suppose to plan my social life if I don’t have the times down??? I know it’s not your show anymore, but I can tell you still have an attachment for it. And that little song of his was really bad karma. Bad form, Cube, bad form!

    And that’s it for my bitchfest. But hey, I love this blog!

  11. How do we get the profile pics up there?

  12. PCL,

    yeah, Cube is handling the complaint dept. at Unusable, but I think Sat. at 11 is a guaranteed show, the others are bonuses.

    For profile pic, I had to have Caleb do mine.

  13. lol…Im always typing my damned PM password here first…lol

    I think my daughter has some pix on her camera …Im so old school she says, she keeps trying to talk me into getting a myspace page…naaaa, but she did get me to download AIM…good way to keep in touch with her, I can jump on the computer, and she gets the messages on her cellie…Im not much for talking on the phone…

    Damn I miss that girl!! moving away to Dallas, leaving her momma behind…lil brat!!

    I’ll see what I can do about that profile thing….

    time for sleep…

    yep, we love this blog ( tune of tobykeiths I love this bar)

    lol PCL…Im always looking too…first time Tommy went on, I said, hey wave a piece of papers so we can see you…he said, I don’t wanna get tazed…lol

    Give my best to LadyD, Tommy…she is such a sweetheart, love her to pieces!

    PCL….Satuday nite again??


    Im almost afraid of the next topic…lol maybe it should be some of the crazy loons on PM…..we’ll start off with Mark Impoqrstuv…etc etc etc…


    I gotta stay of his pages….

    Nite Y’all!

  14. Okay, well where on this blog do I download a pic for my profile–I don’t even remember doing a profile on here. How did Diana do her pic?

  15. Michelle–I stay clear of myspace and facebook. I do the AIM with my kids too–they all moved away for college, at least that’s why they told me they were moving.

    Yeah, Tommy, where is the fair Diana? Tell her I said hello, she’s my gal!

    I’ll be there Michelle! Good night.

    Work on that pic thing for me, would you Tommy? Good night to you, and Diana too!

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