Today’s Quickies PLUS! Senator Claire McCaskill

Ah, today’s “Today’s Quickies” includes a Quickie (photo op) with Senator Claire McCaskill.   She got a laugh ou0325091922t of how I took the picture, while making it seem like a candid shot.

One of these is in poor taste, as was that phrase I just used.

Chewbacca the Hooker?

Piss your pants with impunity.

The Pot disses US for missing Kettle conference.

Caleb joshes with his boyfriend.

Awww!  That’s kinda sad.  And also ACTUALLY sad.

Birfer minutiae theater.

Be nice to Moot and Rain!

The old “disappearing tit” trick!

You can download a baby?

The fat guy who used to be on SNL isn’t.


  1. Great get there, Tommy…

    Now, I must go save PCL from the turdmonsters…….

  2. It’s a dirty job, Michelle!

  3. I can handle them Michelle–they’re amateurs. Tommy, did you find out how to get our pictures downloaded? I really hate those little icons–reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and we made those ‘shadow’ outlines for our parents for some holiday thing I think–might have been Christmas back then. (LOL)

  4. lol…PCL, I have no doubt, just the thought of you there, all alone,…sniff sniff, is more than I can take!


    no shit, Tommy….where did all those people come from??? I had NO idea how fucked up some are out there…guess I have been leading a sheltered life…

    calling it in early tonite….PCL….may the force be with you…lol

    Tommy, my best to you and your fairlady….

    and next time you see Caleb…give him a kiss from me, will ya?


    I got me a conservativecrush….heheheheh


  5. Caleb will be my guest tonight on “Italian Tomatoes” radio.

    We WERE going to get him to spill dirt on Tommy & the Obama Stem Cell & Cloning Project in Pine Barrens, NJ. However, the world is not quite ready for that story. So he will talk about the right’s presence in the media & blogosphere.

  6. Tommy, you look very, er, prodigal, in that shot :>)

  7. Ok, I know this is TOTALLY of subject…


    ok, we had the Brazilian wax issue….now its flesh eating fish???? wtf….

    pedicures, with fleshfreakin eating fish….thats just gross….

    but it does bring to mind, several disturbing visions…..


  8. lol ok, omg

    your comment, Tommy keeps going to the bottom….

    its becoming very simular to the old fortune cookie joke….when you add, ” between the sheets” at the end of every fortune…

  9. LOL. Sorry no quickies today. Got home late, will tell y’all about it tomorrow

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