Speaking of Toxic Assets: Hitler’s Artwork For Sale?

I posted this at AOL, but they deemed it off-topic.  Blech.  Philistines.  What’s more political than art?  Maybe they didn’t think it was funny.  I like the pic I used.  Get it?  One ball?

Speaking of Toxic Assets: Hitler’s Artwork For Sale?
Apparently, before he was Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler was a starving artist in Vienna. The New York Times reports that some paintings purported to be from the Hitler oeuvre are going up for auction:

Thirteen paintings that may be the work of Hitler will be sold at an auction in Britain scheduled for April, Reuters reported. The artworks, which include a possible self-portrait, would have been made when he was a struggling artist in Vienna, vying unsuccessfully to gain entrance to its Academy of Arts before he fought in World War I.

Maybe the phrase “possible self-portrait” is a clue as to why Hitler never made it big in the art world.

The paintings are expected to sell for as little as $500, but would probably fit in nicely with a collection of Charles Manson’s folk songs. The report doesn’t say whether the collection contains Hitler’s masterwork, “Salvador Dali Effing Off!

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