Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape Sounds Like a Fake

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Update:  Radar now reports that Tom Dunlap, the lawyer who tried to broker the deal, has quit, dropping the alleged videographer, due to “publicity.”  Strange logic, considering the task he was retained to do.  Shielding himself, certainly, but from publicity???

Update 2: Jonathan Turley has more detail on the lawyer who dropped the video’s owner as a client.

Update 3: The lawyer who quit once sued kickball.  I’m not kidding.

In my story at AOL, Update: Inconsistencies Arise Regarding Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape, I started to go intoashley_biden_facebook some of the reasons this tape is starting to look as fake as the “Whitey tape.”

I’m only reporting on it at all because 3 different accounts are already being blasted out across the internet, and none of them match up.  You can check out the AOL story for the background, I want to focus here on why this sounds like a fake to me.

According to the most detailed story, the NY Post account, the following facts lead me to believe this is a fake:

The other lawyer said Ashley didn’t have Secret Service protection at the time of the party because she complained about agents blocking her driveway.

“She complained to her dad about it and he got rid of them,” he said.

This is not at all credible, and it indicates a consciousness of holes in the story.  The idea that Secret Service agents would abandon their posts, or that the Vice President would order them away, is ludicrous.

The lawyers said the shooter used a camera with a hard-disc drive that he later destroyed, drilling into the device and tossing it into a lake.

What?  Why would he do that if he had already made a copy?  Isn’t that like putting on a condom while you rush to the maternity ward?  It would, however, explain the lack of an original, verifiable recording.

The shooter claims that he previously tape-recorded Ashley at a party in August, but was unsuccessful in his attempts to sell that video, they said.

So, he had another tape that he couldn’t sell, in August, when every Republican in the world was trying to beat Obama/Biden?   And did what with it, drilled holes in it and threw it in a volcano?  Where was the Secret Service then?  Plus, knowing this, why would he turn down this?

An American media company offered $250,000 for the footage and access to the person who shot the tape, according to the lawyers.

Another company, based overseas, offered $225,000, they said.

Coupled with the inconsistencies I noted at AOL, I don’t think anyone will pay $400 dollars, let alone $400k.  The fact that there is no original recording in existence is enough for me, by itself.  Alien Autopsy had better provenance.

Read This:

Redstate: Twitter Me This, Olbermann

I’m crossposting my AOL story here for one-stop shopping, and this one there, as well.

Update: Inconsistencies Arise Regarding Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape

Update 4: Why I think this is a fake, and why the video shooter’s lawyer has now quit: at Daily Dose Update 3: This is getting weird. Now, the National Enquirer claims the exclusive, but they directly quote Radar’s account, and provide no account of having watched the tape themselves. Update 2: The NY Post’s account of what’s on the tape differs significantly from Radar’s, as do several other important details of the story. The Post describes the woman on the tape, less definitively, as “appear(ing) to resemble the 27-year-old Biden,” and say that the woman in the tape uses a red straw, not a rolled-up dollar bill. The Post report also notes the woman shouting profanities, which Radar does not. According to Radar, the tape was made without the woman’s knowledge, but the Post says that she knew she was being taped. Also, the Post reports the asking price at $400k, down from $2 million, and that they didn’t purchase the tape. The most damning fact in the Post report, however, is this:

The shooter claims that he previously tape-recorded Biden at a party in August but was unsuccessful in his attempts to sell that video, they said.

Let’s see, inconsistencies, a weaker resemblance, and the NY Post wouldn’t buy it? Plus, the guy tried to shop a different tape during the election and couldn’t get a bite? I smell fake. Update: I knew it! Radar has updated its story, identifying the NY newspaper in the running for the tape as the NY Post, publishers of quality smears like the Michelle Obama lobster lie. Original Story: In what it it calls a “World Exclusive,” Radar Online says that someone is shopping a videotape to the media that allegedly shows Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, in a compromising position, snorting cocaine:

In addition to, representatives for a major metropolitan daily U.S. newspaper, a large British newspaper and the National Enquirer have all viewed the tape. The woman on the tape clearly resembles Ashley Biden, 27, who is a social worker employed with the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families. She is also a board member of the Delaware YWCA organization. On the tape a man cuts up five lines of what is said to be cocaine. …The man hands her a rolled-up dollar bill and she proceeds to walk a few steps to a table where the cocaine is cut. She pulls her hair back, bends down and snorts a line…She then snorts a second and third line before the tape cuts off.

The person who shot the tape is seeking $250,000.00. There has been no comment yet from the White House or the Bidens. Even though there’s no proof the person on the tape is Ashley Biden (remember another notable political hoax featuring an Ashley?),this will undoubtedly become a huge story over the course of the week. People everywhere will be asking, “Who is Ashley Biden?” Ashley made news during the campaign when dropped charges that she “verbally intimidated” a police officer (I fear for the safety of our streets) were raised in response to news stories about Bristol Palin. She also made headlines when rapper Nelly extolled her beauty at an inaugural event in January. Other than that, Ashley Blazer Biden is best known to the troubled kids whom she helps to find jobs at the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and their Families. For example, Ronald S. writes:

I accepted the offer and challenge which put me where I am today with two certifications in Network Cabling and a good job for the future working with Mr. Mr. Draper and their Integrity Solutions Company upon my release from Mowlds Cottage. How awesome, thanks to all the work of Ms. Ashley Biden, the department Job Developer.

Whatever the true content of the tape, I hope the guy who shot it gets his quarter mil, and buys some warm sushi with it. More to come.

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  1. Is this just a distraction piece put out by the RNC to detract from Sarah Palin’s handler being connected to Scientology? Hmmmmm. I’m just saying . . .

  2. You aren’t very smart PCL…. lol

  3. Just because you say LOL doesn’t make it OK. PCL, I leave the fate of this comment in your hands.

  4. oh no he diunt….

    hey Tommy, the nuts have all fallen on your ACORN PM story….


    I have NEVER seen so much contempt…


    there is so much misinfomation out there, its like watching a living virus expand…


  5. ok, are we nicey nice here…..or can we rip em?

    I’ll wait for more blood…I’ll be good….

    (evil grin)


  6. Of course it’s fake. She’s the daughter of a Democrat. If this had been Bush’s ditzy girls doing coke, the NY Times and the Leftist Hate Machine online would have crucified her for 6 months straight in the press and online.

    But nice job heaping doubt on this story. We’ll see if the media are really in the pocket of the DNC I guess.

  7. Why thank you Tommy–but I have found it is best to not feed stray dogs, otherwise they have a tendency to stick around.

  8. Michelle,
    I only ask that there be no trolls. Disagreements are fine, good-natured humor is fine. You are fine.

  9. damn, PCL…you are one classy lady!

    tip of my hat to ya!

    and to MichaelJ

    I grew up in Texas, I was born here in fact…and I have lived alot of my days, knowing what the Bush family does, and how their family lives can be, local news ya know…

    and I never recall, alot of neg. stories on the BushTwins antics…and they had their fair share of them…

    We as a country, usually look past the days of youth…thats not to condone any illegal activities…but kids screw up, even when they are old enough to know better

    this is another fake story…it reaks of it….

    Tommy, you are spot on about this…Id put dollars on it like a cheap tata dancer….

  10. yeah…don’t need that crap here, Tommy…this is a nice place to get away from that…

    I have a sick way of seeing things sometimes…fair warning…hahahha

    Thanks man…I don’t care WHAT Caleb says…you are alright!

  11. This story reaks of lies and deceit just like the one you correctly pegged about Ashley Todd and the backwards “B” she inscribed on her face.

    Way to go PCL & Michelle…..awesome trollbusters, that you are! We missed you guys on the aftershow.

  12. Sorry, Diana–I needed a catnap, been burning the candle at both ends too much (end of the quarter crap) lately. Of course, the catnaps don’t last and then I can’t go back to sleep right away.

    And the weather here in Cali is turning nice, so I’m up early because I don’t want to miss an hour of it. I’ll be good by tomorrow though.

  13. Thanks Michelle–now get your damn picture up in here!!!

  14. Look, what hot young white rich chick has not done cocaine? But how would this random guy be able to show up at 2 different parties with a hidden camera? I think Ashley is smart enough to know if she is being taped and her friends would have sure as hell been looking out for her had she been doing it. In spite of any of that, there are pics of Bush drinking whiskey upside down after snorting a line and he became president. My opinion is, who gives a F***? When you have some video of Ashley naked, then I’ll be interested. Not because I want the media to make spectical out of her, but just because I want to see her naked. She’s HOT!!!

  15. hahaha PCL…the only one I have is in a magazine….and my scanner is busted…

    Im bad about photos…don’t like em….but my daughter has some , I thought in her computer, but its on her camera…and she is not hooked up to the internet as of yet. blahblahblah, ( asking me why I need a picture for the internet, lol) on her own ya know doesn’t have as many perks…lol

    I really should get some taken…

  16. hi ya Diana!

    love the eye pic…perfect for the story….made me laugh…its all your fault dammit!!! lol

    is that guy for real???

    I love this blog…..

  17. For the record I’m a Full Blown Conservative…
    But I’m not in favor of the” Politics of personal destruction” That the MSM’s have skillfully raised to an Art Form.

    Now both news services claim to have seen the same 90-second clip from the 43-minute video,
    Each have a different account of the utensil to deliver the product,and neither can confirm her identity…We are all aware how grainy videos can be and what affects quality,Lighting,distance,a shaky hand,etc,etc.
    The brand and quality of a recorder can also play into quality of the video.
    The RadarOn-Line story has directly copied some of it’s post…. From the N.Y.Post story !
    Even though she the V.P.’s daughter she has a very generic appearance,Rather average looking……… and this could be anybody.
    Is she guilty…Possibly…She has a track record of drug arrests from her past, spitting on cops, and was a well known partier in colleague.
    Should she be vilified….NO !……She needs help and support.I’m sure 10 years from now she will regret the indiscretions from her youth.

    Is their a double standard in the media…Yes,….candidates and elected officials are fair game, but lets leave the children out of it…All the children…..

    Unfortunately for Miss Biden This will grow on the Internet, a U-Tube video will most likely appear,and weather she’s guilty or not ,These allegations will have to be answered at some point….

  18. There is one thing that runs consistent throughout all the stories — SHE’S DOING BLOW. Now that the Enquirer (correct me if I’m wrong) has skin in the game, I’m inclined to believe the “rrux” of the story. Basically, she’s snorting blow.

    That’being said, I don’t really give a shit. I would be surprised if she were shooting up shit or smoking crack. She’s totally keeping it real. Good for her.

    Also, of course she can get Dad to move the Secret Cervix if they block the driveway. Duh. It’s just like the moviies. This is like a sequel to The Bush Twins.

    Thanks for coming on the show Tommy.

  19. Cube, you ignorant slut!

  20. @Tommy: I resemble that remark. Sometimes, I really slut it up.

  21. If it is true – and who knows- the only thing I would say is that she is a social worker for the Delaware Department of Youth, Children and Family Services. She counsels troubled kids on their own problems with crack. She may even have made input in getting kids taken away from drug addict parents.

    This doesn’t look good for her job. If it turns out to be true, I would guess she is either fired or she quits.

  22. I’m going to laugh SOOOO hard when it turns out this video is a fake….knowing Fox ran with it….

  23. […] This story is falling apart as quickly as it appeared. […]

  24. Man oh man, I wish this were one of the Bush twins so that we could hear stories about it non-stop on CNN and MSNBC.

  25. […] the Ashley Biden cocaine scandal a fraud? By Joel Lightly Tommy Christopher deserves credit on this […]

  26. Tommy thank you for your accurate reporting. If anyone had done their research on this before assuming it to be true they would have found that Delaware Department of Youth, Children and Family Services requires random drug testing of all of their employees on a regular basis, based on State Law of Delaware law within Chapter 20. This story is as phoney as a $3 bill.

  27. yeah, CJ!!!

    you found your way !

  28. Cube, the consistency between the stories is *not* that “SHE’S DOING BLOW.” It’s that someone who kind of looks like her is doing blow. If the NY Post of all people feels the need to weasel word it down to “appears to resemble” I’d say it’s likely not even a close match. Couple that with all the other obvious fakery here and there’s just no evidence at all she did it. Of course there’s also no evidence that this social worker who does great work with disadvantaged kids and who’s subject to frequent random drug tests *doesn’t* do blow…but then that’s not how this works, is it?

    American Dog, I agree that politicians’ children should be off-limits. So why, after you say that, do you immediately push even more untrue rumors about Ashley? You claim: “She has a track record of drug arrests from her past, spitting on cops, and was a well known partier in colleague.” My searching turned up exactly one arrest in her past, for “making intimidating statements” to a police officer when she was 21. No spitting, no drugs, no multiple arrests. Also, that’s a totally BS charge; if she had really done anything, they would have charged her with obstruction of justice. And since I assume you meant “college” let me clue you in a bit: just about everybody was a well-known partier there. And anyway, that’s not the point…the point is, even if all these things were true, you just said they weren’t acceptable subjects for discussion, and then you discussed them.

    Finally, to the many people whining about how the “liberal media” would be jumping all over this if the subject were a Republican, get a grip. The stories about the twins were a)true, b)given pretty minimal play. Show me a story about them that was so obviously fake and yet picked up by any major news organization. Then compare to Fox News, who last week intentionally edited a clip of Joe Biden quoting John McCain during the campaign to leave out the “John McCain said” part. Oh, and then they claimed he said it last week. Fox News routinely and intentionally runs stories they absolutely know are false to attack Democratic politicians. You simply can’t make a credible case that CNN/NYT/WashPo do anything of the sort.

  29. Don’t get the logic you are using. (Or not using.) The Secret Service does NOT have to follow the adult children of the VP at al. They would not be abandoning their posts, and it has been done A LOT…most recently with the Bush twins. Yes…all the way back to the Bush twins. And before that…Chelsea Clinton.

    But I guess I am not Tommy Christopher! An expert on such things! Why an expert? Because you have a blog! Anyone who keeps a diary online is an expert on EVERYTHING.

    (But seriously…you have to be a complete idiot to think that adult children are forced to be followed by secret service everywhere they go.))

  30. TH,

    I never asserted that such protection was mandatory. The video shooter’s lawyer made an offer of fact that she WAS receiving the protection, mandatory or not.

  31. There is nothing better than a good dose of speculation to nail a rumor.

    Plan A : Conspiracy theory “it’s a fake”
    Plan B : Distract “Oh, looky here, it’s Sarah Palin”

    Time to implement Plan C guy…

    I thought Obama was supposed to change everything? Sure sounds like the same old politics to me.

  32. 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa

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  35. nice blog 🙂

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  37. […] Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape Sounds Like a Fake […]

  38. Oh, COME ON, I mean, everyone knows that bushdicks are idiots and psychotics by definition, but who could POSSIBLY be stupid enough to try to shop this BS? Limpdick all but BOASTED of the rightwingnut plots to hire cheap surrogates for the families of all prominent Democrats and put them in “compromising positions.”

    Carefully posed, carefully made up, and even the Moonie Post and the Non-national Enquirer wouldn’t buy it? PLEASE. If it were even remotely credible, the Whore Street Journal would have been all over it.

    Rightwingnuts need to all be shoved out of Pukey Palin’s helicopter in polar bear country.

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