Reason #947 Why it Sucks to be a Fish

Michelle pointed this out in comments:

ok, we had the Brazilian wax issue….now its flesh eating fish???? wtf….

pedicures, with fleshfreakin eating fish….thats just gross….

but it does bring to mind, several disturbing visions…..

Just be glad they don’t combine the treatments.



  1. More blood flow???? LOL!!! I’m with Michelle, that is just plain gross.

  2. hahahahahahhaha

    I know huh??

    can you imagine, a spa employee, getting the procedures screwed up….lol

    sit your ass in a vat of flesh eating fish, instead of waxing your ass??!!??


  3. Tommy…

    you have GOT to look into this G.I.V.E. thing…

    some people are going totaly apeshit over it….I keep telling them, they shouldn’t try to read what they cannot comprehend…but you know how they are…

    I personally think, its a great idea, and a great bill….but some fear, its a step closer to Nazi style youth indoctrination!!

    they find questionable sections, panic…and fail to realize, that it was removed from the final bill, or just plain don’t understand the process…

    I think, we need some basic lessons here….lol

    first of which should be…that congress persons sponsor bills and admendments…they think every thing they read that scares them, Obama put it in!!

    Is it possible, to fix stupid??? If anyone can help in this, I do think it would be you, Tommy…

    put on your superhero cape…!! ITs needed now!!! more than in the last few hours!!!

  4. poor Charlie the Tuna…..reduced to eating toejam….

    oh the humanity….

  5. Funny you should mention that, Patrick Kennedy spoke about that last night. I’ll probably put something up monday on it.

  6. LMAO!!! Michelle, you are too damn funny! Now you watch, there will be a break out of flesh-eating bacteria and those poor little fish will get the blame!

    It does not do any good to point out anything to those crazies–the key word is ‘crazy’! And they won’t listen to Tommy, either (no offense Tommy). I have watched Tommy,Botts, Clif, HCR, Cube, David Knowles, D&E, and yourself point out so many times the truth using ‘facts in evidence’, history, logic, and rationality–and none of it does any good. Their brain is not stuck on stupid–it’s just stuck. And once it is ‘unstuck’ they just go into ‘ism’ mode–extremism, nazism, marxism, and their favorite–socialism. I just treat them as cats do mice prior to eating them–bat them around for the thrill of it.

    And thanks a lot–never again will tuna be on my menu.

  7. Good evening, gals! It’s great to see PCL & Michelle having fun around here 🙂 I’ve returned to working full-time nights, hence my absence. Thanks so much for the kind words. You’ll be SEEING me in Tommy’s latest article about whites w/blue eyes, though 😉

    Personally, I’d give the fish pedi thing a try, I just doubt how much exfoliation you’d get out of it. You’d have to just make sure there are no open areas on your skin or cuticles. Too bad I read this before Tommy served me tonight’s grilled salmon (such a good chef!), though….nah, I’m a nurse, I’ve eaten through far worse imagery 😉

    As far as how I uploaded my profile pic, I registered at, then clicked on Profile, then clicked on the upload “Gravitar” field in order to upload my pic from my computer. So girls, get to it! I can’t be the only one giving it up around here. I’ll see you later on Cube’s show. Ciao!

  8. Diana!!!! Good to see you back. Nice blue eye (lol) Mmmmm grilled salmon, one of my favorites.

    I emailed my pic to Tommy to have Caleb do it for me. So where is it, TOMMY??? Or rather, CALEB???

    See ya tonight, Diana.

  9. I think I did this right at WordPress, but I have to be pcl1 now 😦
    If it works, thanks to you Diana. If not–I’m screwed.

  10. I’m screwed. I’ll try again later.

  11. Hey it worked!

  12. Nice job! Now tell Michelle what you did.

  13. You’re kidding right? Like I know what I did. I love how I now have two names–I can become a troll!!!!

    Michelle: Just follow Diana’s instructions. After you download your pic, be sure to hit update my profile. That’s where I goofed the first time–I think.

  14. I got to get a pic from my daughter, she has all the pictures on her computer, which is in dallas….and I haven’t gotten a hold of her yet…lol

    she needs to send me some…

  15. hang on, I may have one on the site for the association I belong to…

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