Yesterday’s Quickies

Sorry, I was very pressed for time yesterday. I wrote a bunch at AOL, then I did the Media Lizzy Show at 0327092038c3, with Caleb. I had to be in Passaic by 6, which means I had to get dressed and get going while I was still on the phone with Lizzy.

I was going to a fundraiser for Patrick Kennedy, which I’ll get more into later. Here’s a picture of Patrick and me, and here are yesterday’s quickies:

Overheard at fundraiser:”…it was great, those are all brown people, they use all brown people there…Oh, shit, I mean people from Brown University (laughter) I gotta be careful” So what if you’re a brown person who’s also a Brown person? Are you Brown squared?

Caleb Howe hearts Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed.  I am apoplectic at the disloyalty.  But I like it, too.

Hot chicks over 40…why is this news?

Ikea babies!

Say it ain’t so!  Shamwow guy arrested for punching a hooker.  Hope he can absorb those legal fees.  Did she slip up and tell him she prefers paper towels?

We’re used to politicians screwing us, but we don’t all do oil paintings about it.

Bobcat Walks Into Arizona Bar, Attacks Patrons

Bartender said he hated “Police Academy movies.

Ikea Fail!

Finally, fart guard technology advances to the consumer market. weather report

Paper clips for Daily Dose Girls.  That’s why I love you.benstillerdoit

One more thing.  I hustle my ass off to get links and traffic for this site, but my best asset is you.  Any time someone sends you a chain email or an annoying joke, hit “Reply All” and send them your favorite Daily Dose link, with a note about how you love me so.  You can even bcc me at so I can feel the love.  C’mon, Do It!



  1. And Tommy knows all about ‘hot chicks over 40’–he’s got one of his own.
    You’re a good man, Tommy!

    Now where can I get some of those dick clips?

  2. lol, at first glance, I thought you said “Dick Lips”

  3. LMAO!!! Those would not be the kind of lips I would be looking for, Tommy! Wait a minute . . .hmmmmmm. OMG!! LMAO!

  4. Babe, she probably already has a set of DSLs 😉 Funny links. I LOVE that pic of you two; it’s nice to know he’s just as nice in person as he seems in the media (wish I didn’t have to work last night :-(. As far as the hot chicks over 40, Valerie has given me some new inspiration! Thanks for the compliment, sweetie…..PCL, that is 😉 Right back at ya’ ! I want some dick clips, too. Equal time, after all. Hello to Michelle, too!

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