Redstate: Twitter Me This, Olbermann

Caleb Howe is copiously doing this over at Redstate because Keith Olbermann made a mistake.  I have to hand it to him, he’s gone on a Javert-esque quest to embarrass Keith over his gaffe, even digging up the guy whose Twitter feed recommendation landed him in hot water.

OK, sure, it is a little bit funny that Keith named Twitter the Worst Person in the World for allegedly allowing someone to operate a fraudulent Keith Olbermann Twitter feed that later turned out to be one that was set up by NBC.  Keith (or someone on his production staff, or an intern, most likely) became aware of the Twitter feed when a fan of his sent an email recommending Dan Cooper’s Twitter feed.

Worth some props is Caleb digging Cooper up to hurl his own version of a Special Comment at Keith.  Fair enough, if you make a gaffe, you take your lumps.

Worth a chuckle is the fact that that same “Worst Persons” segment was sent out by the Keith Olbermann Twitter feed in question.

But this is too much:

(Caleb) I asked Dan, considering his career is in media, whether he was suffering any harmful fallout:

(Dan Cooper) It is extremely damaging, both to my business and emotional state. Never in my life have I been accused of shoddy journalism. Let alone of such activity as violating the rules of a web site, as happened here. Far more important, I am at a critical point in the launching of a new media venture, and taking the time to deal with Keith Olbermann’s insanity and NBC’s lack of ethics and irresponsibility has cost me valuable time and energy. I do not, and have never, colluded with Fox News. I have never impersonated Keith Olbermann.

(Caleb) Dan is right, it is not only a serious and spurious charge by Olbermann, but one that is uniquely damaging to Dan in his position, both as a media professional and as someone who is publicly opposing the network he is now accused of colluding with. Neither the network nor Keith have issued a retraction or apology. I asked Dan if that meant the harm was ongoing, despite the humiliating exposure of Keith’s gross inaccuracies:

(Dan Cooper) That harm is indeed ongoing. I am in conversations with NBC attorney Steve Chung about resolving this. His approach is threatening.

Call.Me.a Wahhhmbulance.  A guy starting a media company is going to be hurt by all of this publicity?  This wouldn’t make it into Rain Man’s “Serious Injuries Notebook.”

I’m certainly not above some self-promotion, but I don’t pretend to be Norma Rae in the process.


  1. @Red Planet: I have decided to agree with the philosophy espoused by Red State. I will not listen to the other side’s argument and will immediately conclude Caleb doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Problem. I can’t stand Olbermann and would like to side with Twitter here intuitively. However, because Red State Manifesto Policy (funny they are called Red State – kinda like the USSR there) mandates I must ignore common sense and courtesy, completely alienate myself from rational thought, people, kindness, coolness, and be a loser, I must side with Olbermann.

    You see, Red Planet is a haven for intellectual bankruptcy and tunnelvision. There is no debate or intelligent discourse over there. Just puke. And always funny “masturbation” joke. I made efforts at respectful dissent, but, what they really don’t tell you until later is you can be respectful and dissent. Just, they will kick your ass off.

    So, Fuck You Red State. You don’t deserve to have a writer like Caleb. I hope Olbermann takes a huge dump on your worthless blog that is a joke. Have fun watching Barack and his teleprompter kick your ass again.

    Also, have the Soviet National Anthem pop up as people visit. I can understand banning me (no profanities by the way), but, Tommy? On second thought, you have the right to do whatever you please. But, the way you’ve been doing things wouldn’t please anyone except the taint on the fringe of society. Fuck you guys.

  2. Red State National Anthem

    –“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” — Old Klingon Prover that really wasn’t Klingon but is cool becasue Kahn said it.

  3. Infantile, cube. Not to mention an intellectually bankrupt point of view. Congrats. Talk about needing a waaambulance.

  4. By the way, at redstate, changing the subject of a blog as you have done here is called threadjacking. We ban for that too. Cheers!

  5. Hi Caleb. Just curious, and seeing how Cube ‘threadjacked’ the subject here, why is Red State so strict about the content of people posting comments? And, I’ve heard you on Unusable signal, you give as good as you get in the area of swearing.

  6. Jack THIS! I can’t even read your the Communist Nation of Red State.

    My argument stands. I conclude you are wrong. Therfore, Olbermann made an error. Not a penalty. An error. So, as for your “threadjacking” article, I just reasoned like you folks do. Further, it’s relevant. In that, arguments from Red State (but for you) ought have no credibility because they intentionally control content there. Like… Lenin. Hell, it was The Soviet’s choice to run a government like that. Ok. That worked. Plus, Olberman is always right now. I must follow Red State logic Whatever “They” say, ought not be read. The logic of the article should not be tested or questioned respectfully. Since that’s Red State’s M.O.. THEY’RE ADMITTED M.O. Why the Hell should any reader want to move to any Red State cause when their entire operation is premised on an irrational, intellectually bankrupt, maxim. The irony is killer. You call Obama a Scocialist? What a joke!

    As for this article, it is right on its own accord. But even more right because Red State doesn’t like Olbermann. Red Planet managed to convert one not a fan of Olbermann into one. OLBERMANN FOR RED STATE PREZ!

  7. Oh geez, that came out wrong. I meant the ‘content of the comments posted by people who do so at Red State’.

  8. Actually PCL, it didn’t come out wrong. It was extremely Freudian.

    That’s exactly what they do. Before posting there, some folks knew I was hosting Unusable Signal, and decided to prejudge my writings, (curse word free save for one shit I asked them to delete a few weeks back). They do censor the perceived content of the person. That’s their whole damn game.

    It’s a joke. What makes this hard is becasue I very much enjoy reading Caleb’s writing and even some other folks over there. Admittedly, it is a site that controls content. That is their right. However, if they hope to draw moderates in, that site has no fucking chance in hell. In fact, they have a paradoxical effect on everything.


  10. I just added this blog to my blogroll. It is an excellent example of a discussion of the issues from a political perspective that is not beholden to the perceived talking points that usually accompany that perspective. Short version, you’re liberal but you think for yourself.

    Its no surprise. therefore that when красное государство (Red State) is mentioned and the usual suspects show up to defend it, the conversation quickly turns to the freedom of discussion over there (or lack thereof).

    As someone recently banned over there (I think for uttering the term neo-con, but still not sure), I wondered how they expected to gain readership through social media when their finger is constantly on the trigger and apparently very itchy.

    Then I started seeing the great company I was in, and the other folks they’ve run out of there on a rail, and its made me very proud. No fucking chance in hell, to quote Cube, is prescient.


  12. Cube,

    Well thanks, now Caleb will probably never answer my question here–now I have to go over to PM to ask him, and sometimes I like the quiet of this blog as opposed to dealing with the gang-bangers over there–you know, the people who gang up on anyone who disagrees with them. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

  13. I think I was banned for a combination of posts. My callous desire to corner the Easter Egg Market. Yes. Stick it to objects called, “kids” so they can’t visit the White House on Easter. My capitalist views were rejected. In the name of Socialism. On Red Planet.

    Perhaps rattling off the following Red Planet Talking points did not help matters: (they don’t get hyperbole or the satire they defend)

    G.O.P Talking Points:
    2)Easter Eggs
    3)Rush Limbaugh is/is not our Glorious Leader
    4)See 1.

    My battle sprung from a stupid article Moe wrote about Easter Egg Hunts on The White House Lawn. Basically Moe paints Barack out to be some evil doer b/c of a change in the way things were done and tickets getting sold on Ebay. What a joke this Moe guy is. His name is Moe. Which is fine. I’m a big Stooges fan and my dog’s name is Moe. Unlike this Moe, my Moe is a good boy.

    Then it was some personal shot against my family and psychotropic drugs. Typical Red State shit. At least Moe didn’t visualize me masturbating like when they banned Tommy. That’s the editors job.


  14. Hi PCL,

    Red State can correct me if I’m wrong, but, they explicitly state it’s a place for their views. They engage in the business of censorship with rules that are vague, arbitrarily enforced, and capricious. That’s their right. they will tell you it’s not about that. Ok. That’s what they do. Go try to write you are a proud liberal or whatever, express your views, be nice, you will be banned.

  15. Cube, you are in such good company:

  16. I don’t know why you guys feel entitled to walk in my house and eat my food any time you’re hungry, but that’s not how I work. Next time I’m invited to have a sit down with Obama and his team of tax criminals to discuss what’s wrong with Democrats we’ll talk again. Till then, you liberals can take your business elsewhere. If we want to have a website wherein conservatives and republicans are safe to debate on shared premises without constantly defending against an onslaught of talking points spewing left wingers who just want to say “racist!” and leave, we damn well will have it. And so we do.

    Face it, the only thing that any of you are upset about is that we don’t let you come crap all over us. Cry me a river.

  17. Cube: it is their absolute right. The only problems that I have with it, is that the “no liberals allowed” signs only seem to come out when they’re losing the argument. I’m not talking about my run-in with them, because I can’t be objective about that. But even a pretty simple search shows that I’m a Johnny Come Lately to this little vaudeville and far smarter and better known folks preceded me with the same result.

    They’re trying to run the place like Rush & Hanniity run their radio shows: overtalk ranting so loudly that the audience can’t hear them hanging up. That works when you own most of the bandwidth the way Clear Channel, Citadel and Salem do, but that’s not true any more.

    So the choice is you either countenance the controversy on your own site, or let it go elsewhere. Like this very discussion we’re having here, which is providing content for Christopher’s blog and taking it away from красное государство’s.

    New media is different from old media in ways that a lot of these right wing guys haven’t grasped yet.

  18. Thanks for that article PBCliberal! Shocker! Moe’s been called out for being a Commie before. Red State is so aptly titled. JACK THIS!

    First of all, do you know this guy Moe has the balls to writie an article with a cu and paste job of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson? Are you kidding me? Raoul fucking Duke? WHAT!

    Let me tell you something Moe, I’ve been to Aspen and met with family and friends of Hunter. Ate a cheesburger at his favorite place after he died called Woody Creek (I think. It’s foggy). Hunter would vomit all of your putrid website. Fortunately, I am not constrained by anyone.

    Let me tell you something Moe. I tried. Yeah, I tried you little worm. I was respectful, I added to the site. You would have had maybe three hits from the shitty ass doob you rolled called an “article” if it weren’t for me getting in there and writing something different. You are intellectually bankrupt. I wish I could take you in a debate. Any time. With rules and everything. You will find, when speaking with vertabrates and those of us whose spinal collumns actually connnect to the brain stem, will kcik your ass from here to Hyde Park.

    Not physically you hypocritical wimp. I anticipate your stupid argument before you make it. Hunter. Let me tell you something Prof — you wouldn’t know the first thing about Gonzo journalisjm if a bat bit your testicles off.

    Don’t EVER claim Hunter as anythng to you Red State Swine. Here’s Hunter on what he thinks of crap you dispense.

    He’s ours loser



  19. It’s my right to take a huge steamer and eat it too. That’s basically Red State.

  20. Caleb,

    I hope you are not talking to me. If you are, I resent the hell out of that. I was simply asking a question out of simple curiosity. I don’t go to Red State, I have no reason for not going, I just don’t . I don’t wear a label of any kind other than ‘undeclared’. And the reason for that is that as I have gotten older, and I’m older than you, Tommy, and Cube, I have noticed that my views have changed–not all of them, but some have. What didn’t matter in my twenties, matters now–and vice versa. Give yourself some time, you will see that it happens to all of us.

    You did, however, answer my question of why Red State is so strict. I understand your reason and support your right to do so. So thank you for the answer–whether you intended to or not.

  21. In reference to the huffpo emissary and cube arguing they have a right to redstate, which they do not, not to PCL of course.

  22. I walk into a house, follow rules, and get thrown out. It’s not your house either Caleb. It’s Erickson’s house. It’s happened to me, Tommy, Huffpo, and this other poster, and none of us are quite sure why.

    You yourself have stated, in a public radio show called “IItallian Tomatoes” you will do whatever it takes to win essentially. You do not care. You have a conclusion, and Red State uses illogical, immoral, and strategically stupid as all Hell, means to get there.

    This site is the antithesis of the principles Most republicans calim to uphold. After looking at it objectively and not knowing really what it was up until a few weeks ago, honestly, it’s garbage. Is like a coven of bitter witches and bitches.

  23. Hey Caleb. Maybe read what write.


    Sorry for the all caps. But, that platfor, is a plank, into a sea of sharks from a ship. It’s a gangplank. Red State. It caters only to a niche of the electorate, is utterly biased, disorganized, inconsisent, a circle fire, and a joke. Any reasonable person (whcih include reasonalbe people duh) looking at would laugh at it as a matter of intellectual atrophy.

    p.s. sorry if there are typos, I can’t see the screen well with the black border.

  24. Thank you, Caleb.

  25. You’re out of your mind. It’s so very simple. There are a thousand places to go debate left vs. right. Redstate just ain’t one of them. I don’t know what part of your brains don’t allow you to comprehend this very simple thing. Perhaps it’s the drugs …

  26. And cube, you’re just throwing a hissy because you got in trouble. That’s what “I got banned” stories are, without variance, always about. Woe is me, life is unfair.

    You got a spanking and now you’re having a snit. Just like huffpoer.

    Tough beans, I say. Cope.
    – c

  27. No Caleb. It is you who are out of your mind. People, other than myself, have had this same reaction. The perception of Red State, amongst conservatives as well as I learned on “Itallian Tomatotes” is you guys defelct people away and are disorganized.

    Red State opens the door and kicks people out with vague and capricious rules. Even if they were well defined, which they aren’t, it is an absurdity. As a mtatter of pure strategy, it is beyond dumb. I’m surprised frankly you don’t see this. And that is the problem with Red State. Myopic are they. Only trees they can’t see past. Always. Us. Them. Enough. That the site doesn’t recognize the basic need to recruit others who might be curious, is intellectually worthless of discussing.

    It’s a joke. I like your writing. I like to learn what you have to say. The rules are randomly enforced and you folks opened the door to this house. I have no right to be there, but, YOUR FALLACY IS TO ASSUME THAT ONCE YOU CONSENTED TO LET ME IN, I CANNOT FORM AN OPINION OF THE SITE. MALARKEY.

    You let me in. I’m entitled to an opinion. As are the other folks. The people who run that sinking ship, are clueless.

  28. Trouble? Dude, getting banned is funny for me to talk about. This is fucking gold. I mean, Moe? Easter Eggs? Use of the word Neo-Con? Irony? Censoring? Hunter?

    Please. This is better than Blago on roids. Not really. Yeah, when bullshit happens, I’ll pipe up and not be the 1984 Thoughtpolice that is Red Planet.

  29. “Hissy?” You’re better than that……..HILLBILLY REDNECK WITHOUT A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE*

    That’s like Opposite Red Robot.

    The painters. The posers. The punks that just had their ass handed to them with the losing strategy they continue.

  30. Then Caleb, might I respectfully suggest that you are a lot more clear about that in the way you present yourself, particularly in pitching your articles in tip services like Twitter. If you take a look at the scorched earth of my time there:

    you’ll see that nobody had the slightest problem with me, an open liberal registered and occasionally posting on your site, for 6 months and 8 days until I started to point out some pretty glaring errors from your guest poster who was actually pitching a book he hopes to mass market based on his time as a minion at the failing Citadel Communications.

    You may, of course, run your site any way you wish. But you might want to consider whether you want to be a site with a point of view that welcomes user comments, or one that only welcomes those comments when they agree with you.

    If you want the latter, then you might want to clearly identify that to new users that come to you through tip services, or get rid of the liberals peremptorily when they sign up. I certainly don’t want to be where I’m not wanted, but you don’t seem to know what you want, so its hard for the potential users to discern it.

    And, compared with the tripe, lies and outright misrepresentation in most of the content on your site, the fact you don’t have a clearly defined and obvious user policy comes as no surprise. Again, your right, but it makes me wonder when you say, “Perhaps it’s the drugs….” whether you’re trying to insult me, or wondering about possible reasons for your own site’s incoherence.

  31. See if any Red State clods can come over here and fight like a man. Or a woman. Where speech is not controlled by a cruel overlord.

    Skate over to this rink Red State punks.

  32. I’ve tried the nice and reasonable route. Without cursing and hyperbole. Red State cannot be reasoned with. The don’t broker in good faith. The only thing they are honest about is they will broker in bad faith. Kudos to you for not telling them to perform an impossible act on themselves. Let them be. They will write till they are blue in the face. LITERALLY.

  33. I don’t do RedState, my momma told me, that those types of places are not good for young ladies…

    you neva know what you can catch!!

    PCL, I see what you mean about the heat..

  34. hi ya PCBLiberal!

    welcome to the fray!!!

  35. LOL Michelle–that was some much needed humor. And PCBLiberal, you should also check out Political Machine if you don’t already–it’s all over the place. You will get gang-banged there by some who disagree with your views, but at least there is usually allies to help you out–though you seem to hold your own.

    And Cube, all’s that I can say to you is–you’re good.

  36. I’d rather a gang bang at PM than a candle lit dinner and love making and Red State.

    P.S. I’m not sure who banned me. Based on Moe writing some Hunter stuff, I would hope it’s not him. However, based on Red Planet Policy, you are all guilty. Sorry, by your logic, I can assume all are culpable for utter bullshit.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled fart jokes.

  37. That’s why I’m pissed at Red State PCL. Thanks. I try to be funny, reasonable, and tolerant of all views. On both sides. However, Red State has intenal problems. Go find Friday’s show called “Itallian Tomatoes.” There you can hear exactly how Red Planet, Glorious Communist Nation, has the thoughtpolice. You will also learn of intenral strife, within the party, and a circle fire that is worth admission. Bob tries to be reasonable and is shut down. Thank goodness he plays good music. You will hear that Red State is in shambles. They have no vision. They fight internally about things like this. Go listen. I’m too lazy to find the link.

    And Moe, if you’re a true Hunter fan on the right (whcih I don’t get) you should fix this.

  38. Cube:
    Okay, I have weighed your arguments as well as Caleb’s, and I’m finally ready to render my opinion (and you know what that’s worth) on it:

    I can’t help but agree with both of you. Caleb and Red State, regardless of their organization or lack thereof, are entitled to conduct themselves and their site as they see fit. Do I think it’s the right way to go? Absolutely not–and that’s not just from a political viewpoint, but a business viewpoint, as well.

    As a businesswomen, and I’ve been successfully at it for over 22 years as the head of a 46 year-old family business, I would never conduct my business in that manner. However, I wouldn’t tell any other business how to run their business either. Furthermore, as sites such as PM and Daily Dose are somewhat competitors of Red State, if I was running either of those two sites–I would definitely not be telling Red State how to run their site, why would I? I don’t reveal my business’s game plans or marketing structure to my competitors, and I’m certainly not going to tell them not to do something that I know will NOT be very advantageous to their business–unless they ask, of course.

    To keep one’s message to themselves, as Red State does, strips it of it’s ‘message’ status– if it’s only being discussed by those who already buy into the ‘message’ so what is the point? It will only stagnate. But it is still their right to do so–and they owe no one an explanation.

    Cube, I understand where you are coming from–I wholeheartedly relate with you on your political beliefs, and I’m sure your passion for learning, as well as your tolerant and reasonable views, makes you one hell of an attorney, but you know better than anyone that Red State is within their rights to conduct their site how they see fit and to ban you or anyone else.

    Again, just my opinion.

  39. Is it just me, or is the IQ level around here just stellar???

    I feel smart hanging out here!!!

    PCL, Im gonna read that last post of yours, over and over again…

    you blogDiva you!!!

    dayum…..and yes, if I were EVER in deep doodoo, I would be calling Cube, anyway possible!!!!

  40. Oh I agree. Red State is within their rights. I do not dispute that PCL. Just, I have seen bullshit and they exercise their right to bullshit. Just because one has the right to do something, does not mean it is sound policy. So, I think we agree.

  41. Once Red State opnes the door, it is fair to comment on how people view it. Simple as that.

  42. Cube,
    It’s definitely not a policy I would follow, so yes, we agree.

    Once they open the door?? Don’t try that lawyer shit on me, Cube–I watch Law & Order religiously. DUN! DUN! (lol)

  43. Thanks Michelle. I would be happy to help. Even the Red State kooks. Truth is, this is funny to me. People take themselves way tooooooooo seriously. I’m loyal like a puppy dog. I feel honored to be banned from Red State. I prefer being fired unlike Tommy who resigned.

    Ok… I admit it. I have a man crush on Red State. Those teleprompter jokes. Fucking priceless. If only Caleb could be turned he’d become a powerful ally. His photoshopping skills are hampered by the constraints of the Supreme Chancellor, Lord Erickson.

    I enjoy the always original robot jokes. They’re never repeated. Originality is key at Red State and that’s why I’ll miss it so. There was a teleprompter in bed with Barack giving him instructions, and I thought that was excellent.

    There is total robot love at Red Planet. Plenty of Fembots. They follow messages to a tee. I’m actually banging a Red State Fembot now. Her name is Sheila. Sheila the Red State Fembot. She gives good metal.

    At the Red STate Members Only club, they actually have Members Only jackets. Red Ones. Red State Ones. I so wanna hang with the cool kids. The ones who fantasize about Tommy’s penis. The owner. He writes about Tommy’s Member. You tell me how cool Red State is. I mean, all anyone would want to do is read about a man, fantasizing about Tommy jerking off. That man runs the site. Erick Erickson. I will miss his posts. I enjoy non-sequitors and the ever warm, fuzzy admitted mind control

    Whimper. Sigh. What am I to do. I lost my Fembot Red State. Oh me. Oh my. Where have you gone Moe. Where have you gone.

  44. Ha! Open the door is a term used in cross. But here, they invite you in and kick you out. That is their right. Check it out. You will have to conform your speech to a vague guideline they don’t explain. And, since they let anyone enter, anyone is free to form an opinion on it as they would allow for. My opinion. The objectively reasonable opinion. Is they are the antithesis of what they preach and a hinderance on fund raising. Further, they feed crap to those with tunnel vision who are not bright and allow the posts to remain.

    All in admitted effort to control content. Sound familiar? Yeah. It’s called the thought police. They brainwash people who can be or continue to brainwash ones there. Content control, whcih they proudly admit to, is inherently stupid considering it’s a public site. Perception is reality. Some pitch. That’s why they lost last time.

    And will lose again. They got their asses handed to them with that mindset. Let them continue. Hopefully, you now understand my man crush.

    Hi PCL

    Lil different than the garbage at PM. I like being a whore there. It’s fun yelling at PUMAS. I’ve been directing the PUMAS and Birfers to hit Red Planet.

  45. Yeah, I caught that you were sending them there.

    Man some of those women are bitches at PM–of course, they think the same of me. They fight like gang members. You say one thing in disagreement, and the rest get all indignant and have to join in. It doesn’t bother me, but the fact they can’t even see that they have that mentality tells me how much society has sunk. And they have absolutely NO sense of humor, and yet they are in dire need of it. Doom and gloom all the time. Sheesh! I think they all need to just get laid!

  46. I’m not sure long dong silver himself could help the PUMAS. Red STate, maybe.

  47. Ouch!!!

  48. Cube12:35AMMar 31st 2009
    I love these conflicted Republican souls who are state’s rights folks and are torn by their own stupidity. On many levels, this is dumb. So stupid, Republican’s don’t recognize the issue of state’s rights and the conflict in conservatism. So stupid, Republicans and detractors through economic benefit to the wayside.
    I have noticed that States’ Rights are often the mantra of the Conservatives, would you be good enough to further elaborate on your comment above.

  49. OK, I’ve resisted as long as I can. Please point me to this den of iniquity called PM. I found a moribund site that links to dead pages, and an AOL site for which I can’t find the front door.

    I will probably rue the day I asked.

  50. Here’s a link to it, PBCliberal. You’ll see Michell, myself, and Cube posting comments on different articles there. Tommy, as well as others (including Red State’s Caleb Howe) post their articles there.

  51. hahahahah Cube…you kill me man….

    yes, humor, the juice of life….you can take eveything away from me, but if you take my ability to laugh….

    well, thats just wrong…

    I’ll die laughing!!!!

  52. anything, not meaning family or pets or friends….let me make that clear….lol

  53. nite moon
    nite stars

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  56. […] Redstate: Twitter Me This, Olbermann […]

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