Today’s Quickies and… Dinner

Okay, I’m done posting videos and AOL stuff for the day, and I’m all yours now.

I meant to take a picture of today’s dinner, but I forgot.  I made grilled salmon (with my secret rub) for Diana and Chris, and a ribeye on the bone for me, grilleed corn on the cob, and saloio rolls with a balsamic reduction compound butter.  Unbelievable.

My debunkage of the Ashley Biden tape continues to sizzle, and my AOL story got linked by the LA Times.  I find it disgraceful that this story has spread with so little skepticism or presumption of innocence.  Crap journalism at its crappest.

Anyhoo, here are today’s quickies, with an assist from Moonshines With Deer:

Old, but funny, Shep Smith mocks Glenn Beck.

What does it say about David Knowles that he makes his stand here?

Next time, he ought to have a “Rose Ceremony.”

Me vs. the TelePrompTer.

“…and who wrote this neat-o black book with the gold trim? I see these in, like, every hotel room!”

Well, I think this calls for a to…never mind.

I think Cube knows this guy, or something.

Jake Tapper is a little bit bored on the plane.

From Caleb’s Twitter feed: The truth is out there, and perhaps Irish

From Caleb:

Killing rabbits to save birds, because we already hunted all the cats … or .. wait, what?

What’s the matter with Minnesota? Fat dads doing Hannah Montana, that’s what:

Ghost in the machine (if by machine you mean old ass castle):

This white line separates your half of the country from mine. I get the kitchen:


My Interview With Patrick Kennedy

Here’s pretty much the full video of my interview with Patrick Kennedy, in 3 parts.  I have to say, I was very impressed by his humanity.  I speak to a lot of politicians and political operatives, and none has near the obviously deep-seated connection to liberal ideals that Kennedy has.

First, I asked him about healthcare.  As an expert on the subject, I can vouch for Patrick’s bona fides.  Earlier in the evening, we had a talk about the nuts and bolts of health insurance that would bore you to tears, the mark of a true experts.  This part of the interview is a Daily Dose exclusive.  For now.

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