Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies

It’s Gadjunk, where you can go “Oh, cool!” at things like a batphone.  Similar to The Batphone, without the cakeplate, and you can buy it.

Remember the “dick clips?”  Now, you can get ninja push pins.

The only hitch for Caleb might be the less-than-stellar photo fakery.

He might also like these Family Guy motivational posters that are as stupid as Family Guy.

If you’re worried that you might still accidentally get laid at that Sci-Fi convention, try one of these.

Media Lizzy talks dirty.


  1. Ummm… Tommy,
    Did you see the most fucked up comment of all time from some jerk named “sebas?” It was in one of your articles yesterday on PM.

    It was only the most vile comment I’ve ever seen (on any blog) and will not repeat it. Just, wondered if you had seen it b/c I think you ought look.

  2. I did not. I prefer to huddle here, where it’s warm.

  3. I just found it Tommy. The only reason I bring it to your attention is because it was directed at you. Don’t mean to be a downer. However, this comment scared me. Go look at my response if you want on your article re: poll on Obama. I don’t want it to see th elight of day here. Nor do I care to mention its’ contents.

    That I’m the only one who called this fucker out is bothersome. Basically, a veiled threat on your person.

  4. Aww, that’s sweet of you, Cube. I read it, I don’t think it’s bannable. I’ve gotten much more specific type stuff. Good lookin’ out, though.

  5. It’s good to know that Cube’s looking out for Tommy, but I’ve seen a lot worse (like on RedState), unfortunately. Sounds like a sick dude, nonetheless.

    I should be embarrassed to admit this, but the first two paragraphs of Media Lizzy’s article even got ME hot 😉 Interesting and intriguing metaphor. Sounds like a talented writer and a girl after my own heart. LOL.

  6. “Banning” is Red State’s job. I prefer torture.

  7. What??? Someone threatened Tommy?? Oh, it was Sebas? Cube, Sebas is a douche! It (I’m not sure of gender, or species for that matter) is always throwing shit out there like that. However, as the President of Tommy’s fan club–I will NOT let this stand. Be back later–I’m off to the hunt.

    Hi Diana–guess what tonight is?? Brruuuuuuuuucccee!!!

  8. Oh shit, what happened to my pic?

  9. Someday, I will truly understand computers.

  10. Oh well, I’ll try again later.

  11. Ooops, I think I just figured it out. Cool!

  12. Okay my first two comments didn’t post–screwed up. Anyway, I fixed the problem (I am becoming a computer whiz).

    So Sebas was threatening Tommy, and as President of Tommy’s fan club, I couldn’t let that stand. Thank you Cube for pointing out where the comment was made. And Cube, Sebas is a douche. It (gender and species unknown) is always throwing shit like that out on the blogs. But, a veiled threat is a veiled threat–and it shouldn’t go unaddressed. And now, it hasn’t.

    Hi Diana: Tonight, LIVE–it’s Bruuuuuccccee!!!

  13. Fuck!! Now I’ve posted twice. That’s it!! Where’s my hammer?

  14. Ive been threatened with firing squad plenty of times,

    I even had a guy say, he would volunteer just to do so, and that he put my name on a bullet….

    I thought my husband was going to crawl into the monitor and pull the guy back out….

    but we fixed him


    I usually skip over SEABASS….that stinkyfish face….just another turdmonster, stinking up the joint….

    What amazes me is, how has any of us committed treason? last I checked, this was still America…and we still can pretty much say what we want, unless its along the lines of yelling fire in a crowded place…

    sometimes, I do wish, in a warped way, that we could seperate the masses, and allow those that run in that vein, to live their lives, somewhere else, other than here…but then, that wouldn’t be too American of me now, would it…

    I just resent them, not wanting to extend the same rights as they enjoy to someone who has different views that they…to me thats just wrong on so many levels, and I wonder, that when its their end of days, will they regret it?

    I bet there is gonna be a lot of crawfishin’ people when its their turn to meet their maker…

  15. Michelle……love the *crawfishin’*. I have to believe in “what goes around, comes around.” Hey, doesn’t Sebas remind you of SEBACEOUS gland? Greasy, slimey dickwad (I realize it’s probably Sebastian). Still waiting for your profile pic, hon….

    Bruuuuce! Funny how whenever we would chant “Bruuuuuce” (for Bruce Smith) at the Bills games back in the ’90’s, I’d smile and think of The Boss. Please tell me all about it, Em. We see Chris Cornell very soon 🙂

  16. hey Diana, I got one finally, if you can tell me again what to do, I’ll see to it!

    its an old one, lost alot of weight since it, and lost the bangs…lol

    but hey, at least its better than being a doughperson…


    and, yes, what goes around, does come around, and sometimes, tenfold…I bet there is alot of that coming down for some…not to be on a high horse mind you…lol but I know ugly when I see it, and God don’t like ugly….lol

    whatever God is to you…ugly, not good…

    I always try to figure out, what in their lives, that has caused it, so I know what to avoid like the plague…

  17. oh, and speaking of seabas

    there is a guy over there on PM, with the moniker

    fishonjohnson…..that sounds like a big problem if ya ask me…

  18. time to sleep…


  19. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

  20. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

  21. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

  22. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

  23. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

  24. […] Caleb’s New Favorite Website…and Other Quickies […]

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