Exclusive – RNC Says All of Palin’s Clothes Have Been Donated

I wrote an opinion piece earlier today about Sarah Palin, and how the Republicans are trying to trash her.  While I 505px-sarah_palin_kuwait_22awas working on it, just for shits and giggles, I decided to call the RNC to see if they still have Palin’s clothes kicking around.  (I had a plan all ready for them.)

The press office staffer I spoke to told me that all of the clothes had been donated to charity, and that he would see about getting me an official statement.  I gave him my info, but they never called me back.  I didn’t think it was a big deal, I figured everybody but me already knew it, so I did the story without it.

Apparently, though, the fate of the clothes is still unknown to the rest of the world.

Well, now we know they have been donated to charity already.



  1. So what about these stupid clothes! No one even cares about them!! Get a real job and a real life, and stop bothering Sarah Palin. Shes a decent, honest, hard-working American, and highly respectable!!!!! I would vote her in as President in a heartbeat. She has more Executive experience than this whack-job, nut-case does. Her judgement is a lot better, too!!!!! Way better!

  2. bobby joesueann SHUT THE HELL UP AND OBAMA ALL THE WAY.


  4. 7, November 2008

    Sarah Palin
    Governor of Alaska
    Alaska State Capital Building
    Third Floor
    P.O. Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811-0001

    Dear Sarah:

    I want to thank you for putting yourself into the fray that was the last presidential campaign. I am certain had you known what you were getting yourself into and what you would have to endure, you may have chosen to avoid the exposure.

    I for one was delighted to see a woman with Reaganesque values chosen as John McCain’s running mate. I was not supportive of McCain’s campaign prior to you joining the ticket. I like John McCain a lot. I applaud his service to the country and his incredible bravery and courage to choose to remain in a North Vietnamese prison until others taken prisoner before him were released. But I was not committed to vote for the party due to his immigration policy. I was so excited to hear you speak at the Republican convention. Finally, a candidate that was speaking to my Christian values and the values that our great democracy was founded upon; I was excited!

    I am a 59 year young male. I am a United States merchant marine deck officer. My only visits to Alaska were aboard the tanker ship ARCO Juneau in late 1979. But you are in charge of a beautiful state. I can’t help but wonder why you would choose to trade it in for Washington D.C., but …….

    Now that the campaign is over, you continue to be unfairly attacked by your own party and McCain staffers; so much so that the Democrats are coming to your defense. What next?

    I have a 26 year old step daughter that is a violinist. She was touring Europe with the Stuttgart Bach Festival for the past 90 days, returning just 3 days prior to the election. I was talking with her on the telephone when the subject of the election came up. No sooner had we begun our conversation than she began disparaging tones and invectives directed at you. I was taken aback! My response was to inform her that I thought you

    were the most righteous woman to come along in American politics in the last 30 years. I reminded her that her exposure to American politics has been filtered through the lenses of her liberal college professors. Her attitudes have surely been unduly influenced by her
    exposure to her musician union mailers as she is far too bright to be fooled by some
    moronic union business agents’ political mailers. I reminded her of her Christian values
    and how Obamas’ are at odds with Christian values both on abortion and democracy. I wonder whether she voted her Christian heritage or succumbed to the pervasive attitudes of today’s liberal youth?

    She was raised in the former Soviet Union in Ukraine. I reminded her that the reason so many Eastern European women are seeking American husbands are that so many Russian men, the entrepreneurial spirit zapped from them by the communist system, have been turned into insensitive drunks. Now, in an expression of gratitude for her new life in this great democracy she is preparing to cast her vote for socialism. Let’s tax the enthusiasm out of the American young people and send them to bars for medication. Let’s transform this great democracy into a shadow of its’ former greatness by killing our unborn babies by aborting them fifteen minutes before their normal viability. Let’s give every illegal alien that can sneak across the border social security benefits that I have paid into for 45 years and will probably never see a dime of. Thank you Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein!

    So, in conclusion, while I wonder why you would ever venture into this lions den again, I hope you do. Why would you not want to continue to enjoy your career in the beautiful state of Alaska where you enjoy an 80% approval rate beyond the repulsive efforts of the liberals and the socialists to attack you and your family? You so did not deserve the attacks that were leveled against you.

    I have three hopes as we move forward from this election. I hope you realize how important you were to the party and the McCain campaign. I hope Anya comes to her senses and realizes how she has been manipulated by her liberal professors and her union. And, lastly, I hope I am wrong about Barrack Hussein Obama and company. Will I support your future in national politics,” you betcha!”

    Eric Loos
    Ventura, CA

  5. Tony,
    welcome to the site. Because I haven’t posted the rules yet, I’ll let it slide, but we try to keep the comments like a party, you can be funny, even rude once you get to know each other, but hostility is not cool from either side.

  6. Rules???? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules 😉

  7. why worry about $150,00.00 on clothes when obama spent over 600,000,000.00 to buy all the votes

  8. Really? Big deal, they’re udes cloths. They did make her look good but who cares. I didn’t vote for her or think she is even very smart but cloth? Big whoop. BTW she is smokin hot.

  9. Donating her to science would have been a better idea.

  10. Tony, you can kiss my big, fat, white, junky ass, and while you’re at it; go to hell, and take “Dekonstruct” with you. What you said is not even funny. It’s just sick. Plain sick, and I think you should apologize; or I’m going to tell your Mommy what you said about Sarah; I’m just warning you. Okay? There, take that! Ha-Ha!

  11. The RNC did not donate ALL the clothing, shoes, etc. A pair of shoes, Palin gave her niece, were sold on e-bay. Fetched a nice price!!

  12. […] Exclusive – RNC Says All of Palin’s Clothes Have Been Donated […]

  13. […] Exclusive – RNC Says All of Palin’s Clothes Have Been Donated […]

  14. […] Exclusive – RNC Says All of Palin’s Clothes Have Been Donated […]

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