Quickies and…Mmmm…Squeeze Bacon

Caleb sent me this.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  Bacon is awesome.  Things that are supposed to be bacon, or bacon-y?  Not so much.  Update:  It is actual bacon.  I’m on board.

Birfers birth a new, weirder conspiracy:  Obama made up the controversy to distract everyone from…all the shit they wrote about anyway.  This is progress.

Allahpundit has a sickening Limbaugh story, and O’Reilly defending Rush on Letterman.  He also gets fished in by the iPod joke.

Tonight’s homework:  The GOP budget alternative.

From OhHellNawl: A prom dress for optimistic girls.

Weird.  I just called the RNC today about the clothes, and now, Todd is talking about them. He’s right, of course, the RNC went way overboard.  You don’t need even a dollar-fifty to make Palin look good.

Isn’t dissing Crocs so 5 minutes ago?

Yeah, EFF married people!

If you like TV, read this guy every day.

Redstate gets compared to a militia by Crooks and Liars.  My takeaway?  Those bastards quote Erickson more than they quote me!

Give us your quickies in the comments.


  1. Sounds as though Squeeze Bacon would be more suited for my pooches, to add to their dry food. EWWW!

    BTW – AOL was sooo very clever by posting their logo upside down today on the welcome page. Anyone get pranked/punked? I cannot believe that I missed out 😦

  2. yes, sarcasm 😉


  4. LMFAO, Cube! Actually, I think of China when I hear their name.

  5. that is spot on Diana!!

    all lock step marching and all….lol

    hey, have you met a new person here on Tommy’s blog, ..PCL turned him onto PM and he is tearing up the shitmonsters….lol

    check this out…I laughed my ass off…lol

    its about the queens gift from the Obama’s of course, ( Am I threadhijacking talking about this here, or is it a considered a quickie? ) lol

    PBCliberal11:07PMApr 1st 2009

    I’d like to know just what the hell is wrong or inappropriate about giving an I-Pod full of broadway showtunes to a queen?

  6. Hey, Tommy, I was in GWB’s Preston Hollow neighborhood yesterday and worked on your name recognition. I sped up to the Secret Service lookouts, stopping just short of arrestability, and identified myself: “Hi, I’m Tommy Christopher of AOL and I’m here for the water”, extending my empty bottle of Perrier (thanks Caleb).

    So don’t worry about your name recognition. It’s growing! And there’s no such thing as bad publicity, remember.

  7. Bob,

    lol. Good job.

  8. That was fuckin funny!

  9. what a tool you are…need a dime i got plenty but doing the palin thing…low…your time is coming soon…2010 beware the tea party

  10. gee tommy..remember when trashing bush for his budget deficit was cool..well how about almost 4 trillion $s what does the mouth have to say about this..bushes fault..come on stretch a bit

  11. Edited for Trollishness

  12. Cliff, glad to have you as a reader, but you need to tone down the hostility as a commenter. OK?

  13. Dude, I have a name, and I’m pretty happy with it the way it is. C’mon, now, act like a guest.

  14. uhgawd,

    he looks like my old neighbor….

  15. Michelle,
    I hoped you moved from the neighborhood. Heh heh heh

  16. Oops, I meant ‘that’ instead of ‘the’.

  17. Hey, Michelle and PCL – the resident trollbusters are at it again, I see 😉 Yeah, Michelle, I saw PBCLiberal here for the first time and liked him so much that I now follow him on Twitter (you guys should sign up!) and a little bit on the PM. So smart & witty…..like someone else we know.

  18. […] Quickies and…Mmmm…Squeeze Bacon […]

  19. […] Quickies and…Mmmm…Squeeze Bacon […]

  20. […] Quickies and…Mmmm…Squeeze Bacon […]

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